“To Inspire You” She Says!

Our lives are a series of unique moments that flow into years and define who we are. Those moments vary between sensational, acceptable and complicated. The higher the exciting moments go, the lower the troublesome times feel.

In this poem, I wrote I talk about inspiration and how you can take it to heart and use it to lift you up. I am a personal growth and inspirational writer. “To inspire you” she says is my way of saying, my hope is to inspire you but how do you apply this to your life. Most of my work is in the form of poetry placed on pictures. In this post, I will help you understand the emotion of inspiration in your life.

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Why do you need inspiration?

Why do you need inspiration? Has it been a hard day and you need a lift? Have you had a few rough days that are not improving? Or have you been having a series of disturbing events that seem to last forever and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

The intensity of a tough situation is different for each person. What may be overwhelming for me may be an ordinary time for you. What may be life changing for you may be a slight bump in the road for another person.

Regardless of the reason, you may need inspiration the outcome will be the same. For a moment in your day, you will feel lighter and more positive.

You will experience the emotion of a situation, and you will remember the way it made you feel.

The quote by Maya Angelou says it all so well,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

A scenario of evoked emotion

Have you ever been sick and required medical attention? You had to go to the ER or your doctor’s office. You tried to get better at home, but it wasn’t working. No matter what you did, that fever persisted.

When you get to the ER or doctor’s office the nurse comes into the room; she says “Why are you here and what do you want from us?” How did her question make you feel? What emotion did she evoke in you? Did it make you feel like a worthless burden or angry? The way she phrased her question gave you a strong impression.

You’re in the same situation, but this time when the nurse comes into your room she says, “You must be feeling miserable, what can I do to help you feel better?” What emotions did this question evoke in you? The nurse phrased this question in a way to validate your feelings. You felt a sense of peace and comfort.

You will remember the emotions produced in each of these situations. You may not recognize the details about the visit you will remember how you felt.

When I write a piece that may inspire others, I always hope it will touch the world, but I know that is not reality. Anything I write or another person writes as inspiration can be directed at one particular person because each of us looks at life differently.

How to apply inspiration

When you see inspirational writing that touches you and resonates home don’t lose sight of it. Take that emotion to your heart. Take a minute to remember how it made you feel. Then memorize that feeling. Cherish the sense of well-being it gave you. You may not recapture the words, but you will remember the emotional sensation that a bit of inspiration gave you.

Emotion is the sought-after desire that inspiration is designed to give you. The tightening in your heart that will lift for a moment so you can regain your balance. I write inspiration to allow you to have moments of peace to regroup.

So, I say to you I want to inspire you with a positive note. Please take it to heart and remember the emotion and feeling it gave you. Please remember how this bit of inspiration lifted you out of the troublesome time and gave you a moment of peace.

You may have some questions, if so please leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.


16 thoughts on ““To Inspire You” She Says!”

  1. This spoke true to me. I found this spoke close to home for me. I almost always speak to my wife the way I want to be encouraged, but for her with her major depression disorder moderate to medium anxiety disorder she needs a different kind of inspiration from me.

    I want to convey the right type if inspiration to her and not come across discouraging. I know we have been going through marital difficulties since May last year, but it is not because we do not love each other. It is because we are trying to re-learn who each other is and how to live and love each other in the “new” way needed by each other.

    This is a great article. I plan on trying to follow your thoughtful inspiration when I see my wife tomorrow. She is coming home from her stay at the hospital tomorrow. I want to be an inspiration as you have to me.

    I want to apply different inspirational tactics with people different than me and not identical to me. Thanks you for taking the time to run this website. I have never been active on other people’s blogs before.

    You are an excellent inspiration for me.

    • Jake, You bring tears to my eyes. This is exactly why I write what I do. It is for people like you who want to grow and improve their lives. You hang in there. You can’t change here. she has to want to change herself. But you can be there for her and support her as you have said above. A quote for you;
      A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. By Kate Stewart

  2. Laura you are on a beautiful mission! There is so much truth in that quote from Maya Angelou, and your example of seeing the nurse clearly relates how what we *feel* affects us. I literally got all tensed up in the first scenario! I also love the image you’ve shared and can only imagine the joy you feel when creating your visual poetry. I’m curious if you create the image as well as the words? It is beautiful regardless (I just have no artistic talent so am wondering lol). Thank you for your calming voice. I found this article very soothing to read. Your caring nature comes through clearly as you strive “to inspire.” I look forward to seeing more of your work. Best wishes!

    • Thank you Thank you Cheri. I am happy you enjoyed it and that my writing moved you.I am amazed at your intuitiveness. In person I am told I have a calming voice and yet you picked that up in my writing. I do not create my photos. I do get them off of free photo sites. I have no physical artistic ability except with words and emotion. 

  3. I really liked your website. I have dabbled a bit in poetry, but mine is more of a humorous, happy-go-lucky type of poetry. I was very impressed with how you can see deeply into the purpose of the poems. I wish I could be more sensitive when I write, but I guess we can’t all be everything. As I read through your poems, I found myself wishing that I was better at writing poetry. Do you have any more poems? I would like to look through some of your earlier work, if you have any online. Thank you making me a little bit better than I was before I knew you.

    • Clay, these are such kind words. As I am sure you know, no one ever thinks their own work is really good. I always feel i can tweak each piece a bit more. To read your comment means the world to me. I do have all of my work on either this site or my Pinterest account. http://www.pinterest.com/ljmalive2/   or you can access it from my site. Again thank you. 

  4. I recently started to watch motivational videos and inspiring stories. That’s so powerful. You feel like you get moved to another direction. Like, in the right direction.
    I made a post myself about inspiration because there’s so few that actually know about it.
    How did inspiration help you? 🙂
    Well done, awesome article!


  5. Hi Laura,
    What a wonderful post on inspiration! I’ve read that quote by Maya Angelou before and it resonates every single time. It really is all about how we can make others feel.
    It’s been a bit of a rough ride these past few months. My mother in law passed away and then just about a week ago a high school friend of mine also passed. When things like that happen it tends to cast a grayness over everything. I do my best to begin each day with a ride on my stationary bike and reading motivational articles or watching a motivational video on Youtube. Always seems to help.
    Thanks for this great reminder –
    Mat A.

    • Thank you Mat, When we lose people we love it changes us. Sounds like you are being kind to yourself in spite of your pain. And Maya Angelou was and incredible woman who will live on forever. 

  6. I certainly agree that moments define us in the long-term and can help us to build our characters too, in my opinion.

    I think we also need to learn to appreciate and live in each moment because when it’s gone, it’s GONE. But with that said, they live on within our memories and we can go back to certain times in our lives to remember the feelings we got from those moments, whether happy or sad ones.

    As for inspiration, we are all in need of it. Personally, for me, I find inspiration from quite a lot of things in life. Sometimes I’m inspired by people I meet, acts of kindness by strangers, words of wisdom from my mom, books, music, and especially uplifting movies like The Pursuit of Happyness, Forrest Gump, and even Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, to name a few.

    And sometimes, when the going gets really tough, I turn to motivational and inspirational material on YouTube.

    Whether we search for it or not, inspiration is all around us. We just need to open our eyes.


    • Neil, I agree that inspiration is all around us we just need to keep our eyes open. Also yes live for the moment and don’t wish our lives away. 

  7. We all at one point need inspiration, we really do need it on a daily basis because it’s what keeps us going. I couldn’t agree more with the quote from Maya Angelou, we may not remember certain things but we tend to recall how we felt at a certain moment. Inspiration can come from many different things; a painting, song, nature, book, we can draw inspiration practically from anywhere. It’s a beautiful thought to want to impact the world but as you said, that may not be realistic. But even if you don’t reach the whole world, your words will inspire some and it really only takes one person to feel inspired to feel like you’ve reached the world.

    • Victor, Thank you for taking the time to comment. Believe it or not some do not know how to use inspiration to change their lives. I wrote this post for them. And you are right in saying, “It only takes one person to feel inspired to feel like you’ve reached the world.”

  8. Everyone always needs inspiration in their lives. Whether it be quotes or personal stories about people that overcame huge obstacles in their lives. With what I’m going through right now and have been for the past 37 months, I need inspiration and when I receive it, it really gives me a boost. And I hope to provide inspiration to others some day to. Thankyou for this article. I read until the end.

    • Danny, It is like someone else said, inspiration is found in many different things. I bet you are an inspiration to someone in you life now you don’t know it. 


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