Uni Ball Vision Elite Will Make You Feel Like A Pro


Uni-Ball Vision Elite

I have always loved a good writing pen. A pen that glides is comfortable to hold, leaves a clear mark and feels elegant.
How many times have you found yourself standing in the pen aisle at Walmart scrutinizing every pen in ever wrapper on the shelf just searching and hoping to find that one perfect pen? I found it!
What is the perfect pen

A perfect pen is the Uni ball vision elite. A pen needs to bond with you and fit well into the curve of your hand. It has to glide across the paper effortlessly. The point must come in different mm such as fine point 0.5mm to a larger point 0.8mm. The ink has to dry quickly and never leave a smudge. It needs to envied by all but touched by none. And this pen has all of the features that make a pen perfect.

It would be nice if it had a built-in alarm so no one could use your pen except you. But I think I am getting carried away here. This feature would out price the pen. This pen is so amazing everyone wants to use it. That is good for some, but I like to have my pens at my fingertips at all times. If my husband sneaks by and uses one, I get that wide-eyed look as if he had stolen my most precious prized diamond. My pen is like a precious gemstone.


Airplane Safe-ink won’t explode or leak due to a change in cabin pressure during flights
Vivid steady ink flow and a stylish, business-focused design
Exclusive uni-flow ink system provides consistent smoothness and color intensity
Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading, and fraud

What I love about the Uni ball vision elite

Does not leak- even on an airplane
uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading, and fraud
assorted colors as well as black and blue
fits perfectly into my hand
has a semi-rough finger pad for better grip
smooth, effortless writing

What I don’t like

The cap is removable vs. a click pen( which proves to be a minor trade-off for a perfect pen)

Overall Rating 4.5/5 and reviews

One reviewer gives this pen a 5-star rating and states

No pen glides as well as this one. At last, I have found my favorite pen!
I have to explain. I am a writer and therefore a bit of a pen fanatic as I write a lot of long-hand. Despite the hefty price compared to most pens, I don’t mind paying extra for a top-notch pen that doesn’t let me down. I hate pressing too hard and to keep up with my mind is imperative for the creative process. I hate having to slow down!

A second reviewer also gives this pen a 5-star rating and states

I’m a pen snob. Seriously. I can find a flaw in nearly every pen overused. I buy new pens all the time, optimistic that the Best Pen Ever is surely one purchase away. Which is why I’m thrilled to say that I FOUND IT! These are the smoothest, inkiest, longest lasting pens ever, and I’ve already purchased a second pack. I may never buy another variety! Highly recommended!

You can’t go wrong with a pen as fabulous as a Uni-ball vision elite. I know I will never use any other pen as long as I have these in my home. I carry one with me everywhere I go. If you have been looking for the perfect pen, there is no need to look any further. This, my friend, is the perfect pen.

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14 thoughts on “Uni Ball Vision Elite Will Make You Feel Like A Pro”

  1. Hey Laura,
    I never more gone look a pen with the same average eyes anymore. Your comments about this pen is so adorable, so soft, cute and loveable that make me think you are holding something special and precious like a apple when you are saving for lunch time or a delicatessen at the dessert store.
    I have used the Uni Ball Elite Vision pen before and yes it is amazing. I love a good pen.
    I haven’t buy those pen for many years. I am anther how many come in box? When I buy a box I better hid from my husband and kids for sure.

  2. Hi Laura. I had to have a laugh when I saw your site. Please don’t think I’m having a dig at it. It’s funny because I received a parcel in the mail today, and guess what, In was a pen. That pen was a gift from a company and they had put the name of a business I owned about, 20 years ago on it. That’s why it made me laugh. they obviously don’t check things very well, I’d be rapped except for the fact that it’s not a real good one.  The next thing you know I’m on your site looking at a pen. Fortunately your pen looks to be far superior to the free one I received. Like you, I also love writing with a good quality pen. I hate pens that leave ink blobs or write to thickly. I’m a prolific writer so I think I’ll try out one of these wonderful looking  Uni Ball Elite Vision’ pens. Thanks Jim

    • Oh I don’t take you laugh as a dig. You made me smile. I know what kind of pen you are talking about . They send them to me all the time. 

      Since you love writing I know you will love the uni ball elite vision pen. It really is exceptional. 

  3. Hi, Laura!

    I’ve never really looked at pens this way. It’s true it feels good to have a pen that glides easily on paper, as it makes writing a breeze. But since graduating from college, I’ve never really thought about what I would really like about a pen.

    I have used a Uni-ball Vision Elite pen, but I’ve never considered it to be the perfect pen. Anything that glides easily over paper works for me. I’ve got about six or so pens right now, and I can say the only one that I don’t use often is the one that you have to press too hard to write.

    Would I recommend Uni-ball Vision Elite? Definitely. I’ve used it and it makes writing easy.

    • Princila, I am a pen enthusiast. I am not one to use just any pen. I have to have the uni ball elite vision pen. Uni ball actually makes 5 or 6 different pens like this one but this is the only one I like. As you write more I think you will become picky about your pens also. 

  4. This reminds me of when I was little. My dad used to get these super fine pens that really did glide across the paper and we were always trying sneak them. Of course, he didn’t like that because they were expensive, but this reminds me of those amazing pens. I need to get some for myself and forbid my own kids to use them.

    • It sounds like a good memory. You will never be able to keep them from you kids. So just get 2 boxes of 12 and hide some of them. That will solve the issue of an pen thief. 

  5. Hi Laura! I love writing pens also, but you seem to be very thoroughly observant on pens. I’ve never tried the uni ball vision elite, but instead, I usually write with an average BIC or papermate pen. After reading your review with the features of this pen, I’ll be on the look out because I’d like to take a look at one. 

    • Oh Tiffany, You haven’t truly experienced writing until you have used the Uni Ball Elite Vision pen. It makes writing a pleasure and fun. You will definitely have to try one to appreciate it. 

  6. I love this pen! I am a huge fan of 0.5mm pens, as the fine points tend to leak and stain far less than others. You mention that it “has a semi-rough finger pad for better grip”, which is extremely important for those of us who tend to write as a main part of our jobs. I did not know that it ‘Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading, and fraud’, as that is a huge plus that most pen companies don’t incorporate into their products. After reading this, I think I am going to go buy a box of these pens!

    • Oh yes, everyone should have a full box. As I said people will take them from you. They don’t always realize they are walking away with you pen. But when it is gone and you are searching for your perfect pen it is very sad indeed. 

      This pen is perfect in almost every way. I love my pens.

  7. As a lover of everything office supplies and notebooks and pens…this posts is perfect for me. I LOVE pens. I actually carry with me so many pens its kinda of ridiculous but I also carry with notebooks and journals/planners and that helps. This particular pen looks and sounds like its the perfect match for me. I am going to try it out and see how it goes. Thanks for the review. 

    • Andrea, I’m with you. I love everything office. I love to write and have the perfect pen and paper to do so. I wonder why that is that we love everything office? 

      You definitely need to get a box of these pens if you carry them everywhere with you. 


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