Victim Or Victor?

Are you a victim? If you have been wronged or hurt then yes you are or were a victim. Most people have been a victim at some time in their life.

If you have been tormented, mocked, ridiculed, insulted, battered, judged, bullied, then you were a victim. This list is a good start but not all-inclusive.

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What you do with this experience will determine how much you grow and become stronger. It is easier to remain a victim all of your life. Let me rephrase this, it is easier at first but will present problems in your life the longer you stay in the issue.

When you decide to continue the problem thought process, you may believe you are hurting the other person. Or you may feel that what you went through was so horrendous that if you let go of it, you will forget and it will happen again. Or you may believe that you get benefits from the attention you receive from the incident.

The list can go on and on, but the point is many believe they have been hurt and have the right to keep bringing it up. And if this is what you want, then you do have the right to do whatever you want with your pain.

But what if you were to work through this torment or abuse and learn from it? What if you can smile again and be happy? Happiness is not dependent on what others do around you it is directly related to your thought process.

You can be a victor by realizing you are making yourself miserable. This sentence may be harsh, but I have done this first hand. I was hurt more times than I can count. I wanted to hold tight to the pain. I felt the pain helped to keep me safe. I didn’t have to confront my self-issues if I kept my miserable existence right in front of me all the time.

I was living a dismal life. I wanted more from life than what I had experienced. I had to decide to let go and change my thinking or allow myself to walk through my world faced with a depressing future.

Becoming a victor has to be a conscious decision made by you. Changing your thinking is a continual process that takes effort. You have to build the belief in yourself. Believe that you are good enough. And no longer allow the past to cause you pain today.

Wash your brain on the positive side of life. I did this with the scripture, with positive self-affirmations and help from others. You may have a way that works well for you.

You will need to change the negative thought process that you are the cause and the reason you were hurt. You did not cause the attack on yourself. No, not even by your actions or your choices. You were a victim, but you are now a victor.

When you start believing in yourself, you can know that you are worthy. What happened did not change your worth it only put a dent in how you feel about it. You are just as good as the person beside you. You are just as incredible as you were the day you were born.

All of the work you are going to put into yourself is worth every second of your glorious life. Now you believe in yourself, and you believe you are worthy.

It is time to celebrate your success. You are a champion of your life. You are a victor and an overcomer. You are in control of your happiness.

I make this sound so easy. It is not. It is a constant process of change and growth. You will have setbacks. But you have to see the pattern of how to grow as a simple outline to hold tight to the outcome.

It will be hard work but will become evident in your life. People around you will react to you differently. You will see the sun as bigger and brighter.

You are a victor and in control of your happiness.

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