Wandering Lost Down Wonder Lane

You are the perfect image of what you want to be. At work, you do all you can to make everyone see that you are the best. You work harder than anyone else. Yes, sometimes you sit and do nothing. But you have to so others will see that they need you. Everyone should be like you.

This person in the paragraph above has no awareness of themselves. They think their way is the only way to accomplish everything. They believe their way is the answer to all problems.

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Do you work with someone like this? Maybe you have a family member or friend like this.

They believe life would go much smoother if everyone around them would listen. They want you to see and hear them. So, this person tends to get forceful and yell at times. But they are not screaming; they are just raising their voice a little bit so everyone will listen because they know best for all.

When you try to talk to them, they are rude and condescending. It is so hard to be around this person.

They think everyone should think like they do and know what they know and believe what they believe.

WOW!!! Working with this type of person would be a challenge. We all need to develop our own way of doing things within the realm of our work. We need our individual autonomy. But the type of person above believes you need to be like them.

This person is trying to change everyone. But why would they want to change everyone? They can’t possibly believe they are the best. Everyone knows it takes many people to complete the world.

No not everyone knows people are made to work together. Some believe they are the answer to all problems.

What do you do with someone like this? How can you continue to be around a person who acted like this?

I believe this type of person is insecure. They can not look at themselves as inferior because they will have to admit their faults. If they have flaws, then they will have to look at how to change.

And they may have an anger issue. People like this will try to make you angry so they can transfer anger to you. Profound outrage is hard to carry in a heart all the time.

They spent much of their life wandering down a lane to nowhere. Just wondering how they can be good enough. As time progressed, they realized that if they pretended like their way was the only way, then they would not have to think about the problem anymore.

Pretending turned into a way of life and they became the perfect person in their own eyes. But far from perfect in the eyes of everyone else.

This person is continually trying to change everyone around them. So if you push back, then you are trying to change them also. If you go against them they will put you down in front of others, you get angry, and they act as nothing happened. They have just transferred their anger to you and appear to be perfectly fine and oblivious to your outburst.

The best suggestion I have for you is just to be you. Don’t argue with people who have no insight into themselves. Don’t try to make them see their wrong thinking. Don’t try to be what they want you to be.

If it is a family member, you may need to distance yourself from them physically. If it is a co-worker, you may need to avoid this person. People like this will be known for who they are. The boss will see what is happening in time.

If this person is your boss then maybe it is time to find a new job because people like this do not see themselves in a real light. They may get help in time, but no one can make them get help because they are perfect in their eyes.

But above all of this keep your cool. Don’t allow a person like this upset you. Make them keep their anger, and maybe in time, they will get some help.

Walk away from this person. Pretend like you didn’t hear their angry or condescending way. When they make a statement to make you angry ignore it and move on. It sounds hard because I am sure it is. But you can do it, I know you can. It takes all kinds of people to make up the world, and this person will make you a better and stronger person.

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