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What is the color of friendship? In real life, your friends hold a color that dictates the friend relationship you have. What color do you think your BFF is? The color is not steady. It can start as one color and become a different one.

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How much do your friends mean to you? During COVID lockdown my granddaughter was so sad because she couldn’t go see her friends. Her friend was a major part of her life and her well-being depended on their interaction.

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I would be on facetime with her, and her face would light up as she said, “I gotta go, my friend is calling.” It was her basic need to have her friend to talk to and play with.

Oh yes, let me say that “The Color Of Friendship” is actually a Disney movie. It is a true-life story about a South African girl and an African American girl. The title set my mind in a whirl, wondering what the color of friendship is. I mean a real friendship in real life. What colors do we see?

I wrote a poem about a year ago about the colors and believe it is the perfect fit to talk about the color of friendship.

Right about now, you may be thinking a friend is either a good friend or not. But haven’t you had friends come and go, and some friends stay for a lifetime? Aren’t friends like the stages of our lives? So why not look at the color of friendship?

The importance of friendship

Our friendships or lack of can lead to happiness or depression. Strong bonds of friends lead to longevity of life, while a lack of interaction is linked to a higher incidence of depression. A lack of engaging social contacts will cause higher stress as well as inflammation. These effects can alter every part of your body, such as the brain and body organs.

Your well-being hinges on your friend relationships as much if not more than exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Your heart not only benefits from the love of a friend but also in the health of your heart.

Friends influence our lives in many ways. Friendship in marriage increased the lively hood of the relationship. Friendship in the workplace increases job satisfaction. And a friend can influence the way you eat and live your life.

Friends are a color hue, or their person puts off a color. Later I will talk about the color of friendship but first, let’s look at what other categories of friendship there are.

Types of friendship

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Aristotle talks about 3 types of friendships:

  • Friendships of utility-these are the work-related friendships or the person who sits your dog. They are friends for a purpose, but you don’t really hang out with them.
  • Friendships of pleasure-these are the type of friends you enjoy being with and hanging out for coffee or beach buddies or lunch with the ladies. You like talking with them, but there is no real intimate long-lasting relationship.
  • Friendships of the good-these are the longer-lasting relationships that have mutual respect. The friendship that lasts over time and endures hardships. They may be from childhood or years together. These are the friends that you can not see for a long time and pick back up where you left off. The girlfriend or a guy friend that you lay your heart and soul down for.

But according to Degges-White there are 4 types of friends:

  • Acquaintances-are likes the utility friend. The work friend or the one you see at the coffee shop on the corner. But not the strength of the friend you seek out.
  • Friends-are, the person you meet in your everyday life. The ones you have a mutual interest with, like the parents at all of the soccer games you go to.
  • Close friends-this is the person you turn to talk to and get help. The one you would give the shirt off you back to and help no matter what choices they make.
  • Best friends-as for a best friend, these are categorized as BFF. A best friend for life. You have a lifetime in common, and you are one of a kind. You finished each other’s sentences and understood without words. A best friend is a rare gift.

But according to my assessment, there is a varying color of friendships:

Now that we have a good understanding of the friend categories and types bya Aristotle and Degges-White, we can look at the color of friendship. Colors play a big role in our perception of life and people. Each color is said to have its own word or words to describe it.

  • blue-reliable
  • yellow-competence
  • white-purity
  • red-power
  • green-envy
  • black-fear

With each of the color words lets take a look at what friendship goes with which color.

What is color of friendship-group of colorfu friends


A blue friend is the one that always has you back. They are reliable, steadfast, and always there for you.


A yellow friend is your work friends. They are competent and the ones you turn to support you or help you in the work place.


A white friend is a symbol of purity. This friend is your lifelong BFF. The one who holds your heart and soul in their hands and you share everything with.


A red friend is your bar buddy, or you kick around to hang out, friend. The one that may or may not lead you into trouble if you allow it.


Now green is envy but it is also good taste and healthy. This is the soccer buddy friend or the kids school carpool friend. You don’t hang together all the time or tell them all your secrets but you do trust them with family.


A black friend does not allude to the color of their skin. Not it is the color of their soul. This is the person who claims to be your friend but will stab you in the back. The person who is in it for themselves and no one else. This is a toxic relationship, friend.


You see, each person you have a relationship with has a color and can be called a friend. All people come into your life for a reason. A friend can be a good and kind person or a toxic person that can harm you.

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The color of friendship depends on what role the person plays in your life. How intimate is the relationship, or how bold is it?

When you pick friends or when they pick, you place them into a color category. Build slow, and if they are white, it will grow over time, but if they are a black friendship, you will know before it goes too far.

I have a black friendship, white friendship, and all in between. Each one has taught me a part of myself that is an invaluable lesson. Friendships are for a purpose, and not all last a lifetime. Do take the time to tell me your thoughts on the color of friendships. I would love to hear your input.


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