Where Has Time Gone?

What is age? I wrote this when I was 59 years old. I was sad to turn 60 and wondered where my life had gone. When I sat down to write this, I realized that life is not about age but memories and love.Where has time gone poem by laura pink rose and a watch

The feelings that life is passing you by can happen at any age. When You turn 30 or 40 or 50, there is a milestone we reach with every generation. Each year may cause you to contemplate why you are here and what is to come if you allow it.

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Sally is a fictitious name of the fictitious character in this story. Each year she ages and turns another decade older she looks back to reflect on what has passed. And every ten years that pass brings new concerns.


Sally was young and embarking on her life as an independent person. As she turns 20 life is full of wonder. At 25 Sally has met the man of her dreams married and has had two babies. These precious babies and the love she shares with her husband is a pleasure to behold.


One day Sally turned around, and she is about to be 30. She had two kids, and her body wasn’t the same as five years ago. She had hoped to stay young looking with a figure that would impress anyone. But that was not the case. She had put on 10 pounds in the past ten years and increased one clothes size. She longed to have her old body back. She reminded herself she was still in love and her babies continued to grow in her heart.woman in her 40s with a blue dress and a grey hat


Sally turned around one day, and she was about to be 40. Why had the time flown away? Her oldest son would become 15 soon, and he was always away with friends. She was getting old! Her children were always with their friends. Sometimes she was lonely. She wonders, does her husband still love her like he used to? Does he still find her attractive? She still feels young at heart and walks 5 miles a day.


Sally turned around one day, and she was about to be 50. Her kids were grown and away from home. She had rekindled her marriage, and they enjoyed every moment together. But every time she looked in the mirror, she saw the new wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. In 30 years she had put on 30 pounds. She remembers the time at 30 when she was 20 pounds lighter. If she could only go back to that weight now? She still had the love of her life at her side.


Sally turned around one day, and she was about to be 60. She had grandkids now. Sally and her husband loved to travel the 2-hour drive to see them. The biggest thing now is the growing wrinkles and sagging skin when she looks in the mirror. The skin on her arms and her neck are flabby. She did lose 20 pounds and felt better but now wishes she had the stamina she had when she was 40. Work wears her out each day.


Sally turned around one day, and she was about to be 70. She wonders how did she live to be 70. Her weight only matters now for her health. Her figure flew away years ago. Her stamina is at a bare minimum. She still feels young at heart, but when she looks in the mirror, the wrinkles are many. Where did the years go? She now has great-grandkids, and the love of her life is still with her. Walking across the room wears her out.

Where Has Time Gone?

Now Sally reflects on her life. She realizes she worried about her physical appearance more than she should have. As the years passed her by Sally came to know the essential part of life is building memories and keeping healthy. The love she can give to her family is what they will remember when she turns around, and her life has come to an end.face of a happy old lady

Sally knows that their time is limited. She knows that every moment is precious and if she is allowed to turn 80 it will be a celebration. Sally no longer morns the lost years. She is mature and can cherish the memories.

At the end of each decade in her life, she looked back to see that her younger life was good. She didn’t need to worry about how she looked or how many wrinkles she had. It was more important to look into her heart. She did have a good heart but wasted so much time contemplating what she no longer had.

What will you do with each passing decade? Will you mourn the passing or embrace the future. Each year is only an age while every moment with family and friends is of the heart. Memories make us laugh, cry and evoke emotions. It is important to cherish these feelings as a part of ourselves.


See each decade as a positive change that will build life memories for you to leave behind. When you pass a decade, I would like for you to think of the good you have done for others. Remember the impact you had on the people around you. Don’t worry about wrinkles or pounds. These are frivolous concerns that will rob you of the beauty of life.

Other people don’t see your wrinkles and weight as negative. They will remember how you treated them, your smile and your laughter. Is there anything better to leave behind?

When you turn 90 if you are of sound mind, don’t you want those memories to reflect on and light a spark of love in your day?



6 thoughts on “Where Has Time Gone?”

  1. This really is a beautiful post. I am currently 33 years old and it amazes me how quickly things have gone by. It seems just yesterday I was getting married, having our first child, then our second. Now I’ve been married nearly 11 years and the kids are in school! 

    Time is incredibly precious and we spend way too much of it worrying instead of enjoying the gifts that I believe God has given to us. It’s nice to pause and read this amidst all the busyness. Thank you for writing it!

    • Steve, I thank you for stopping by to read. Yes it is hard to stop and realize that life is a gift. I hope you will take these thoughts with you and when life becomes too busy you can reflect back on this post. Take time to enjoy as you say.

  2. Where has time gone? Your title touches me, not because of myself, but when I look at my parents and how they have aged. I also measure my age against theirs when I see them each time I visit. Yes, your article reminds me of things that I once thought to be beauty and you wrote this beautiful statement, “These are frivolous concerns that will rob you of the beauty of life…” As I too, look in the mirror, sometimes I wonder about what I have done with my life and often saddened by it. However, your article has given me courage to know that the memories made from my past is what is more important and to look forward to growing old. One day I will remember your article and the words that you have shared. Thank you.

    • Thank you so so much. It warms my heart to have helped you see life from a different perspective. Please share this article if you find it may be helpful to others. My mom passed 5 years ago. This is when I saw life in a different lite. I realized that the things we place so much importance on are really the things that will not matter in the end. 

  3. I was at a family gathering the other day and the oldest relative was 80 years old. The youngest (not really that young) was me at 37 years old. As we sat in the huge tables, talking about the good old days, it reflected on me that someday, I will become that 80 years old granny. At that point, I would want to have live a purposeful life – one that’s full of memories, fondness and love. Oh, I also plan to age gracefully and wouldn’t let wrinkle get into my way 🙂

    • I too will be aging gracefully HA HA. 37 years is young. Build memories now and you will have them to reflect on when you are 80. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love to hear stories about family gatherings and “the good ol times.”


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