What type of clouds is hanging over your life? If you tell me you always have a black cloud that rains down on you, I will say you are a negative person. If your cloud is a white one with the sun peeking through, then you are a positive white cloud black cloud poemperson.

There is a difference between white clouds, black clouds, good days, and bad days. You may have thought the black cloud and bad days are the same or the white cloud and good days are the same. Not true.

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I will explain this further. If you can separate these, then you will have a better understanding of what a positive mindset is and how you can improve your life.

Black Clouds

When you see a storm coming, you see dark clouds in the distance. As they move closer, they appear almost black, and the sky darkens. When they are overhead, the clouds pour down torrential rains.

At that moment, you have a choice to go inside or take shelter to stay dry and hopefully safe. Or you can stand under the black cloud and say, “oh poor pitiful me, why me?”

If you are always complaining about your situation, then it will never improve. Your words will manifest to follow your thought process and infect your life. What you believe in your mind you will see in your life.

White clouds

On a cloud filled day that has the sun peeking through, you may see fluffy white clouds. Up above looks billowy, and as the clouds float by the sky is blue. White clouds are safe and have a pleasant sensation.

But even with the white clouds, you have a choice to keep a positive mindset or negative. If you see these gorgeous clouds and think “they won’t last long, they never do,” then you will bring the rain down on you.

Bad days

A bad day is just what it says it is, a bad day. Bad days may come in waves, but they don’t stick around forever. At any turn of your day, the stressful day can turn around with a smile or a solution to a situation.

Again, how long your bad day lasts and how bad it is will depend on your mindset. Even the worst of days can turn around when you infuse good thoughts into your mind.

Good days

It is the same with good days. They will not last forever either, but they will go away faster if you speak negative thoughts to your mind and aloud.

One would think that on a good day, all of your thoughts will be positive and happy. But some people want to dwell on the bad in their life and say to themselves, “This won’t last long, they never do, my life is horrible.” What you speak with your mouth will take place in your life.

Scientific Studies

Several quantum physics scientists put their work together to discover that the brain is a constant change of atoms blue brainand waves. I won’t go into the details, but it is proven positive thoughts are powerful enough to change the arrangement of these atoms and waves. Positive thoughts and actions can re-wire your brain.

When people like my self tell you to think positive in a situation, it is not just a saying. Your thoughts can change the molecular structure of your brain. If they can do this, then the same atoms that make up everything in the universe can be affected by your brain waves and change your entire situation.

What do you do with this information?

It is simple you just think positive thoughts. This statement is not true at all. You can’t one day change your negative mind into a positive one.

It is a process that evolves. It is a life long process. For some negative thoughts or constant worry is engrained in their every fiber. But for others, they find it much more manageable.

Exercises you can do

In light of the scientific studies and findings, you can change your brain waves and train yourself to have positive thoughts and actions. And these actions will change the immediate world where you live.

1. The first and most important, in my opinion, is prayer. For the word of God says.

Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)
I can do all things through [a]Christ who strengthens me.

Matthew 15:18 (NIV)
18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.

2. Look up positive quotes daily. I go to the internet and search for quotes on a particular subject. Example: If I am having a rough day because I am tired, then I will type in quotes for the weary.

3. When worry takes over your mind, you have to wash your brain in positive statements. Cleansing your mind and replacing negative is an active process. When a negative thought from worry enters your brain, you push it aside and force your brain to think of a positive statement to match it.

Example: Your house has been for sale for a few months. Your mind and mouth keep repeating, “I’m never going to sell this house; I will be stuck here forever.” Every time someone comes to look at your house, you say, “They won’t like it.”

See what you just did with these statements. You spoke words and thought that would change the outcome of your situation.
If these negative thoughts will hinder the sale of your house think what will happen if you replace these thoughts and words with, “I know my house is going to sell to the right person when I least expect.” Everyone who comes to look at my house brings me closer to the person who will buy it.”

Will it happen immediately like magic? No, it doesn’t always happen right away. But you can replace the negative thought with a positive one.


Here are three examples of how to renew your mind and change your outcome. It is a small piece by piece process that will re-wire your brain. As you continually follow this process, you will begin to see changes take place in your life.

No more white cloud/black cloud because you will be happier. The black cloud will not come to sit above your head, and the white cloud will be light and fluffy.

You will still have good and bad days but the bad will pass quickly, and the good will come more often. No more “oh poor pitiful me taking place in your mind take control of your destiny with your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “WHITE CLOUD/BLACK CLOUD-Renew Your Mind”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading your post. It is amazing! While I read it, I felt my thoughts become more positive. I agree with you that we have the choice to control our minds by choosing the positive side. If you think negative, you will see the negative side of things more often. So always think positive.

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read White Cloud/Black Cloud. Yes always think positive for this will alter the outcome of a situation for the better. I am happy you felt the positivity of this article. 

  2. “What you believe in your mind you will see in your life.” This line hit me hard. I can get caught up focusing on the negative things in my life, but I try hard to shift that focus to something positive. I believe you’re so right. What you focus on is what will thrive in your life. Thanks for the reminder.

    • It is so easy to get caught up in worry and fear then conjure up the “what ifs.” But with practice, every one of us can change this mindset to improve our lives. You are so welcome and thank you.

  3. Hi Laura, thanks for such an inspiring post. I recently had a ‘black cloud’ above my head and it made my days hard. I can feel positive outcome after reading your post. Filling my mind with positive thoughts is hard but it makes me smile and lessens my pain a bit. I think I will (and must) continue to think about positive things, so my ‘white clouds’ will come and replace my ‘black clouds’ every day 🙂

    • Eventually, the black clouds will disappear even when life is rough if you keep your thoughts positive. You can do this I know because I have changed my life with a positive mindset. 


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