I am a nurse. As a nurse, I see life from a different perspective. I am faced with life and death every time I go to work. It is nerve racking for a nurse to tolerate the “Oh poor pitiful me” mindset that some people have.

On the same level, it is impossible to understand anyone who thinks the world owes them anything.   So many people of all ages believe this.

I wrote this piece on my way home from work one evening. I had taken care of one or two people that day that wanted the world to take care of them financially, emotionally and physically.

I teach people to care for themselves just as all nurses do. We explain how to be healthy. How to apply for assistance until the hard times pass and how to deal with the difficult times. Many people listen and learn. They return home with a new plan to improve their life.

There are a few who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. These select few make statements like “No one wants to help me,” or I am in pain and can’t get any narcotics.” So as nurses, we pull together alternative methods to help them, and they get upset because it isn’t the type of help they want.

There are people like this in all walks of life, and you will encounter them in all professions. Why? I believe it is because they are looking for others to take care of them. These type of people will search to find the perfect person to blame for their circumstances.

This kind of person believes integrity is a colorful word without meaning. They think money grows on trees planted by someone else. And the ones who believe that hatred is a way to teach their children to survive.

The only people who will understand this post are the ones who agree with me. This one is written to relieve my stress and the stress of those who have felt the same way.

I wish I had an answer to the question why. I have so much knowledge after 40 years in the nursing profession, but none of it will ever reveal why. So, for now, this writing will be for those of us who want to say this to a select few but will continue to bite our tongues. We don’t want to waste our breath on the few who want to believe they deserve more without giving back to society.

I will let these thoughts go so I may continue to be positive and help those who want help. And yes to also help those who do not want my help. Helping is what nurses do. Assisting others will always be what we do because we want to improve the world and the society around us.

We will wake up in the morning and continue until we find someone who wants what we have to offer. A person who wants to better themselves and work to do so.



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