Will You Fly? From Fear To Power

My favorite quote of all time is by Erin Hanson.
“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”
I have formed parts of my life around this quote. Will you fly? Will you have the strength to go from fear to power as I have many times in my life.

Often in my life, I have been known to step away from something fearful instead of pursuing it. I have a fear of failure or falling as I am sure many of you also have. I am not talking about walking away from a bad situation that is a girl looking back with a white scarf on with poem Will you fly from fear to powerharmful. I am talking about a venture or a time in life that will help you grow and learn.

Three examples of fear

Like going to college at the age of 30 when you are a single parent with two kids. When given the opportunity to better your life it would be best to face your fears and find a way to improve.

Or maybe you have had a bad relationship. You meet a new person that is good and stable, but you walk away from a lifetime of happiness because you are afraid to make the same mistake twice.

Or maybe you have been offered a promotion, and you turn it down because you are afraid you can’t do it well.

These three are examples of fear of failure that could stop you or will you go from fear to power? Will you fly? Does your mind replay all of the times I did not succeed when faced with a new situation? Then anxiety creeps in, and you let go of an opportunity that could have changed your life.

Stepping stones to growth

When my mind replays all of my past failures, I start to think it is easier to stay in a safe zone and not try again. But in reality, these were not failures. They were stepping stones to learn and move forward. These times helped me improve on the next venture I undertook.

I will break this down to a more simplistic example. You went for a drive to sonic to get that yummy foot long coney cheese dog. On your way there you had a wreck. It wasn’t a bad one, but it did shake you up and got your adrenaline going.

Because of the fear, it caused you have decided not to leave your house again. I am not talking about agoraphobia but a choice you made to keep yourself safe based on a fearful situation. You didn’t go to the grocery store or to get food. You didn’t go to work or to visit family. You had no food or money, and eventually, you lost everything.

See where I am going with this example. If you have a fear and you do not face it and move on you are only harming yourself. You will face fears in your life, and you will feel like giving up or running away. But you can not. You have to face the fear head-on and overcome it.

You want to change careers or take a promotion at work, but you are afraid you don’t know enough. Maybe you don’t know all you should. You will never know everything before you make a change. You start adventures so they can learn new things.

From Fear To Power

No matter what your fear is, you do have the power to face it. Fear of failure can stop you from walking through openman on a rock doors put there just for you. Go through that open door and make mistakes. When you make a mistake, then find the answer and move on again.

When you get stuck, then it is time to find the answer and plunge into a new realm of your life. Use those mistakes to give yourself strength.

You may have a family that is supportive. But they do not want to see you get hurt so they will not support you going face first into a situation that may be difficult. You may feel all alone. You have your inner strength and heart to guide you. You do not have to have someone else to push you forward. You have a heart that is beating to move you in the right direction. Even if no one else is supporting you mentally or emotionally, you know what you need to do.

If you have an idea, a thought or an opportunity you have to seize it. Throw in a bit of passion that will take the place of fear. Set a plan and some goals in motion and go for it.

Your heart will guide you

You have to believe in yourself. Don’t worry what others say about your situation. Don’t let others break you down. Stand tall, trust your decisions and your heart to lead you down the right path. Build a vision, a passion, and a dream. Then push forward to carry out your hearts desires. Fear will not harm you unless you allow it to overtake girl in white dressyou.

When you get discouraged by a fear of falling, remember what Erin Hanson said,
but my darling you might fly.”

Are you willing to stop before you soar just because of fear? Are you ready to give up or not begin something just before you are to have that big breakthrough?

I leave you with this quote by Jeanette Coron
“On the other side of fear is your breakthrough.”

Spread your wings an fly. Go from fear to power.

Please feel free to leave a comment. If you have questions, please ask, and I will assist you in any way I can.



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