You Are a Shooting Star!

This photo taken by Alexander Andrews caught my eye when I was browsing on Unsplash. The house looks alone and lonely. The windows have light and appear warm and inviting. The sky is turning today, but you can see the light on the horizon. It felt cozy but far away.

I thought this is how people feel at times in their lives. You may feel like no one will help you find the light. You may also think the prime of life has passed you by and you no longer have much to add to the world.

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A lady is sitting in a nursing home who longs for companionship. Nadine doted on her two children and four grandchildren all of her life. Her husband lavished her with attention every day of their life together. She held tight to the love they began with and ended with 50 years later.

But now she sits in her wheelchair with her head facing straight ahead and an empty look in her eyes. What does she see on the pale green wall with its paper peeling off? What are the memories she holds so tight to her bosom?

There was a day she would be dancing in the kitchen as she made those soft buttery rolls awaiting the arrival of her children from school. Oh, how she loved music and to sway around the room with her lifelong love. When he guided her, she felt as if she were above the ground floating on clouds.

Then her life moved on, and her children grew to marry and have children of their own. When her children left home to start their own life all she had left was Harry. They traveled around the world until that first grandbaby came. The moment she wrapped her arms around him she knew her heart had grown heavy with a new love. One day she woke up, turned around and she had four grandbabies. She cherished every one of them just as she did her very own.

She and Harry traveled some, but they wanted to spend every moment with their grandchildren. Now at the age of 90, she has outlived everyone in her family. She is all alone and cannot remember 90% of her present day. They put puzzles and cross stitch in front of her twice a day trying to get her involved. She can see them, but they are not what she wants. She wants her Harry back so she can float across the floor and onto heaven.

One day a man came to play music at the noon meal. As he plays her head begins to turn slowly toward the piano. Her eyes no longer look lost, and her face took on a new form. All she can see is Harry floating across the floor. She stands from her wheelchair and begins to rise. The nursing staff rushed to her for fear she will fall and guided her to stand. Her legs were incredibly strong for her age and the lack of movement over the years.

At this moment a miracle began when her legs started moving to the waltz, and her arms came up to Harry. A smile crossed her lips, and she looked into his eyes as love shone in the light that sparkled from hers.

She was no longer lonely. She had found her strength in the memory of love. Her shooting star was illuminating the sky for the whole world to see. In the dark of night, everyone in that nursing home could see the light of day on the horizon.

You are no different. You don’t have to be 90 with dementia to be lonely and need to make a difference. Each one of you has something inside of you that will ignite your world and allow you to be a shooting star and cast light in the world.



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