You, Forgiveness, and Children


You love your children to your dying day. They are your whole world. You give them all you have inside of you forever and forever.

Over the decades each generation of children has been raised differently. It changes because we want more for our children than what we had. More can mean financially or emotionally.Either way, we try to decide how we can give them this more comfortable way of living or emotional support we did not have.

As a parent, you have fear when your babies are born. What is the right way to raise them? What if you fail your babies? How will you live the rest of your life knowing that you messed up?

You work two jobs to give them what you feel they deserve or what they want or what the other kids have. Working so much takes you away from home and not you’re not there to give them the love you would like. But you know you have to work hard. You want to make life easier for them.

One day they will look back and appreciate everything you did for them. They may not agree with you now, but one day when they realize how hard you worked, they will respect you.

Just be a good parent and love them. How many times have you heard this said to you or someone else? You do love them more than your own life.

Just loving them is not good enough. Today you have to deal with many stressors. Parents have two jobs to pay the bills, especially single parents. There are tremendous pressures from the outside world. Kids have video games, and TV shows that you can’t possibly monitor all the time.

You do your very best and make decisions that you believe will benefit your kids in the long run. They grow up, and you think they will understand what you did for them and return the love and respect you gave them. As they move from home and begin their own life, you don’t see any of this.

You are blamed for all of their problems and say it is because of decisions you made when they were growing up.

I am here to encourage the kind and loving parents out there. I would like to tell you that every parent makes mistakes. Your mistakes may have been big or small, but you did the very best you could. You struggled and never complained about having to do extra work.

You have to forgive yourself and move on. I don’t mean move on from your children because they will always be your number one priority. I am saying move on from the heartache and the feeling, if only you had done differently.

You can ask for forgiveness and then let go of the past. There are so many other factors in this world that influence your children. You cannot blame yourself for the choices they make when they have matured and moved on.

When you do forgive yourself, you will find peace in the truth that you did what you had to do, and when your children left your home, they could make their own decisions. You made your own choices when you moved out, and now it is their turn, right or wrong.


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