You Have A Choice To Fly

What has this world done to you? Has life given you times when you feel like you have no choice? Did you ever feel backed against a wall with no way out?

Most people have felt this way at some time in their lives. But the truth is there are many open doors. In raising my children, I told them they always have a choice. When you look at all of your options, it is up to you to choose the one that is the best.

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So many people think if all of the options are grim they no longer have the ability to choose. That is not true. When you give up that right, you give up your control over your own life. Yes, you may feel like you have no choice that is optimal, but the choice you make can lead you to a road that will take you out of the darkness.

Life is a succession of decisions that lead you to a sunny path. It is never a random choice put on you by someone else. All things require decisions that will set your life on a road to brighter days.

Jill was an intelligent young girl. She worked hard in school to keep her grades up so she could get into medical school. Jill applied to one of the top schools in the nation and was accepted.

She knew it would not be easy and was prepared to do whatever it took to succeed. When she reached her fourth year of school, her parents sat her down to tell her they could no longer pay for any of her schoolings. Her mom was gravely ill, and they no longer had the resources that were available in the past years.

It was Jill’s dream to become a doctor. But now she was going to have to quit. She did have some options and needed to make choices.

1. Jill could drop out of school and save up to go back at a later date.
She didn’t want to stop her schooling now. She was afraid she would never return to her dream.

2. Working while continuing school would help foot some of the bills.
The school was so demanding she didn’t think she would make it through. Her grades would drop. With her lower GPA, she wouldn’t get accepted into any residency.

3. Taking out school loans was a way to pay for school.
She didn’t want to do this because she would be in debt before she ever got started. She just never thought this would ever happen. She thought mom and dad would always be able to pay for school.

4. Going to work back home at the local hospital as a nursing assistant was her fourth choice.
All she could think was “I have no choices.” She didn’t want to do this because her ultimate dream was to be a doctor. She had worked hard for this.

It is clear that none of these options are as good as the one she had. What was she going to do? How could she go on when it is evident that she has no choice? Jill felt like giving up.

Jill has four choices she can make. None of these four options look kind to her because she had it much more comfortable. She has to choose one of them, and it will affect the rest of her life.

When you look at life as if you have no choices, it feels hopeless. None of the options may appear to be the one you want. But one of them will lead you to a path that will allow you to fly one day. Choose wisely. Never give up. Never turn away from what you can be because it may be more difficult.


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