to give of yourself is a gift. to inspire is beauty.

I am Laura Fuller. My heart is warmed to have you here with me. If you have landed on my site, it is because you are looking for poetry, inspiration or personal growth. But maybe you were surfing the web looking for help.

Do you feel like someone or something has turned your life upside down? You know if you look you will find strength, so you have gone in search of it. 

I have felt this way many times throughout my life. I have developed this blog site to help you. I have taken my troubled times and put them in writing to help you overcome yours. I write poetry.

One day I realized that my poetry is an inspiration for others because I write them based on my trials and tribulations or what I have seen others go through.

With this thought in mind, I felt the best way to help you is to write a post on each poem that will help you apply the principles to your life.


On this site, you will find over a hundred poems and posts. Each poem is set to a picture for visual effect and has a post attached to help apply the inspiration and growth to your life. 

I would love to be a part of your week and bring inspiration into your life. I send out weekly updates on new posts. Please click this link to sign up for our newsletter. I do not spam or sell your email address. But most of all I do appreciate you and your support. I love to hear from my readers, and I am here to help in any way I can. If you have a subject, you would like for me to address, please leave suggestions in the comments located at the bottom of any one of the hundreds of posts you will find on here. I will be back with you very shortly. 

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