to give of yourself is a gift. to inspire is beauty.

Inspiration For Life is poetry written by Laura Fuller. She sets each piece of poetry to a photo to enhance the visual effect of her writing. 

Along with the poetry, Laura writes an article for inspiration or personal growth. It is the hope and dream of Laura to guide you through life. She wants to inspire you to lead a better life and help you find a way out of the tunnel of darkness into the light. 

Life can be hard, but Laura wants to make it just a bit easier for you. Please take a look inside for guidance in almost any subject.

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big finger pointing down at a man what is a grudge
Forgiveness, Judgement and You
Laura Fuller

What Is A Grudge?

One day not long ago I realized that I do hold grudges. I mean it was all of a sudden.

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seasons of life 4 seasons on a blue background
Laura Fuller

Seasons Of Life

I live in the Midwest part of the US. We have four very distinct seasons. Spring is when it rains

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black and white photo of man fishing off of a dock
Laura Fuller


The younger days are oh so sweet. Do you ever sit and think about how it was back then. How

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Quotes By Laura Fuller

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At The End Of A Relationship

One night I was writing right here at my computer, and...

a photo of the snow and ice on my deck heavy on the trees
Stand Steady-Write The Story Of Your Life

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Choices Find Yourself Forgiveness, Judgement and You
big finger pointing down at a man what is a grudge
What Is A Grudge?
abstract painted are butterfly my choice my life a true statement
My Life, My Choice-A True Statement
a christmas tree in a round half globe
Jesus, Santa Poem And Their Values
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