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Laura has worn many hats in her life. She is a retired ER nurse, wife to an incredible man, the mom of 2 children, four stepchildren, a grandmother to 6, and a mom to one furbaby, Duke. 

She loves to garden, read, travel, and write. She is a self-taught webmaster. Laura set up “Inspiration For Life” to assist you on your journey to heal. 

Laura is a poet, a writer, and a lover of inspirational quotes. She changed her mind from a negative thought process to a positive, productive mindset with inspiring and motivational quotes. 

But most of all, Laura loves life.

With tenacity, she has overcome many trials. Her desire to help others is born out of desperation to see the world as a better place and the abused as a stronger race. Through “Inspiration For Life” she wants to pass on the knowledge she has obtained through her trials and tribulations.

The afflictions of abuse are not unique to Laura. One-third of the world has experienced ill-treatment. We will all remember it but we don’t have to live it forever. For this reason, Laura wants to change the world one word at a time.

Please join her on her Facebook group. She would love to have you participate and glean knowledge from the interactions posted on “Inspirational Quotes (Wisdom In Words).”

Thank you for joining her. If she can assist you or you have questions, please feel free to contact her through her contact page



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