Laura is a poet. But this is not the only hat she has worn in her life. She is a retired nurse, wife to an incredible man, the mom to 2 children, 4 stepchildren and a grandmother of 6. Laura loves to help people help themselves. But her greatest love is to inspire others to be courageous, brave and find their strength to become whatever they choose.

Laura has faced a great deal of abuse in her life. She has overcome many obstacles and would like to pass the experience onto her readers in the form of her poetry and blog. She believes that with support and teaching anyone can overcome the horrendous injustices that life can throw at you.

Laura loves to garden, read, travel, write and set up websites for inspiration and affiliate marketing. She has a second website at this time and has plans to set up many more to reach the world with her writing and help others to empower with Affiliate Marketing, inspiration and personal growth.

Please follow Laura on her road to help you improve your life and grow in knowledge and self-confidence.