How To Change Your Life-Start Slow, Stay Low And Keep Going

Change is taking place in your life and personality all the time. It is quiet and floats in on a dove, and before you know it, you are a bit different. Maybe you stand taller, or your speak out and care for yourself. Have you looked at yourself closely? Are you not happy and want to actively change your life? You can change if you start slow, stay low and just keep going.

Change comes in all shapes and sizes. You can change how you react to others, how you treat others, or you can change your whole life. You can change anything you set your mind to. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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change Is Constant

We change constantly. Over time our personalities change, and our outlook on life changes. Usually, it is a slow change and only noticed as we move forward. The things that happen to you will change you, and the environment will change you.

Change takes place when we have good events or bad events. Marriage is a good event that will change who you are. Not just in a perceived way like name changes or others knowing you as the wife or husband but also as you adjust to your new role, you will change.

A divorce will change you. You identify yourself differently. You have new adjustments, and everything changes.

As you adjust to change, you change your thought process, and you grow stronger. Yet you didn’t choose to change; it happened as a result of events.

Start Slow, Stay Low And Keep Going

What does this mean? Small changes that take root inside you will be lasting. It isn’t necessary to tell the world you will change, although if your desire to do so is from something you did, you may want to convince the world that you will change. Your change for the better is proof enough for the world. Let the changes sink deep into your soul and repeat over and over. Just keep going.

girl resisting

Resisting Change

You don’t have to change. You can resist it and stay the way you are, but that is unhealthy. For instance, what if you wanted to stay a teenager forever. You can’t stay in a teenage body because your body will age. But you can stay in a teenage mindset. You can dress like a teenager and think like a teenager.

What will happen if you resist the change to mature? Can a teenager hold down a profitable job and work in the adult mature world for years. No, because a teenager is only in that age group for 5 or 6 years. Their ability to cope and make long-term decisions are limited compared to a person who is 40 or 50.

Staying in the teenage years in your mind will cause problems and possibly lead to mental issues. So you see, you don’t have to change, you can resist, but it is unhealthy.

Fear Of Change

Why do people fear change? Change is perceived differently by each person. Everything you do in life is run through your paradigm. Your paradigm is your perception of past experiences. If you had a bad experience with change in the past, you might become anxious at the thought of making your life different.

If you work outside the home, you have been subject to change in the workplace. Administration tells you they are going to change the computer system. Immediately after the memo comes out, you hear everyone talking about how this is a big mistake, and it will cause too many problems.

These statements are about fear of change. Why change something that was working well? Maybe it wasn’t working well, but everyone at work knew how to deal with the issues. Learning a new system is a knowledge curve that everyone will have to master. Fear sets in, and you know you can’t learn the system all over again.

It is the same in your life. You may fear change because you are stepping outside your comfort zone. The fear of what will happen steps in. It is easier to stay the way you are and deal with the complications it causes in your life.

But fighting the change will not benefit you.

steps to make a difference girl changing

Steps To Change Your Life

  • Self-examination
  • Start slow
  • Stay low
  • Make a choice
  • Keep going


If you are reading this, a life-changing situation has taken place, and you are examining yourself. You determine that change is needed. But what kind of change do you want to set in motion?

Is it completely changing your living situation? Is it changing the way you act or react to others? Is it changing how you think? Change can come in many forms, from major to minor adjustments. As I stated above, change is constant, and it will happen whether you want it to or not, so why not make a conscious decision to change.

Face your fear, decide what you want to change, and start slow.

Start Slow

Especially for those who have a fear of change, starting slow is so important. Choose a small piece of yourself and make plans. How will you change? You can rewire your mind to think positively. This is the beginning and a difficult one when you are in a hard situation.

No matter how big or small your issue is, pick a tiny piece to start the change. If you are in a bad relationship, set a plan and reset your thinking process. Your mind will control how you move forward.

Do you need to build self-esteem or change how you dwell on a problem? Do you need to see yourself as worthy before you can react differently?

Stay Low

Change is for you, not for others. You are deciding to become a better person or live in a safe environment. It is not necessary to tell the world. The world may judge you or say you can’t do what you need to do.

Keep the decision to yourself and actively make a choice to change.

Make A Choice

You took a look at yourself, picked a small piece to change at first, and you are doing this for yourself. Now it is time to actively choose to change who you are. Choose to care for yourself and be happy.

When you actively do anything, it feels good. You are doing something to improve who you are. It doesn’t matter what others think of your choices. Now just keep going.

Keep Going

change your life pin pin

Don’t let doubt get in your way. Set your mind on a track to improve and repeat it over and over. It does take time for your mind and body to make the changes. Be kind to yourself and allow time to heal yourself.

You are strong enough and durable enough to take on the world. Just keep going!


Change is always taking place, and yes, it can be scary. If you take it slow and realize you are doing it for yourself, you will become a better person or change situations that make you unhappy.

Change is a process. If you move too fast, it can upset your equilibrium and put you off balance. If you move slow, it will give your body and mind time to catch up to the choices you have made for your life.

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