Just One True Talent?

My husband will send me daily quotes he gets at work. He only sends the ones he believes will inspire me or motivate me for that day. He sent this one to me just last week.

“Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for and you will succeed.” By Sydney Smith

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A quote like this is very motivational. But I didn’t see what most would see in this quote. It inspired this piece I wrote.

Most of my life I have focused on finding the one true gift. I never considered myself talented. My sisters have a wonderful talent to decorate. I never developed a talent like that. In light of their incredible ability, I always saw myself lacking.

How many of you compare yourself to someone else and believe you have no talents or very few gifts?

Have you driven by a house that is beautifully landscaped and felt yourself lacking because you don’t have the talent to grow flowers or greenery?

Have you gone fishing and only caught fish you have to toss back in and your friends are catching big ones every 5 minutes?

Have you gone to a party at someone’s house that is three times the size of yours and felt inferior to them?

When you feel like you are lacking or inferior to another, you are comparing yourself. I am not writing about the topic of comparison here, but it does give a good example of how we see ourselves as inadequate.

When you look at another, who may have talents that are visible to the world you tend to lose sight of your talents. I thought I had to find my one true talent. Was I given one thing in life that I could leave behind when I pass on? I had been looking for that one gift that I could use to help others.

When I read this quote, I realized I had many gifts. But most of my gifts I had considered ordinary everyday gifts because they had become a part of my everyday life.

I have a gift of caring, hope, faith, gardening, empathy, and writing. WOW!!! I just listed six gifts and I probably have much more.

You also have many gifts. What you do every day is a gift that contributes to this world. You may inspire another to live by integrity just because you do your work to the best of your knowledge each day.

You may have the talent to see the world in vivid color or analytical in black and white. Each of these is a talent that can affect everyone around you.

You may have a talent to relax in silence or be the life of the party when you go out. Each of these is talents that help balance the universe.

Will you search for just one profound talent or will you find many talents within yourself? You have many types of gifts that God has given you to inspire and motivate those around you. People secretly watch you go about your daily life because you are good at something you do.

I encourage you not to resign yourself to search for one true talent. Instead look at your everyday life and find the talents you have that will change the world around you.



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