Beautiful Wall Hangings To Promote Peace And Healing

There are many sayings and quotes on positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive people. These words are wise and found to be so true. It’s not only people that help but objects like surrounding yourself with wall hangings that will promote peace and healing. It is about a peaceful environment to help you grow.

Imagine walking into a room that is full of your favorite wall décor. It is like a breath of fresh air. You can stand there and center yourself with the beauty of peace. Peace and focus promote healing and a better decision-making process.

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Before you can set up a room in your house that will become your sanctuary, you first want to decide what type of wall hangings touch your heart and give you a calming effect. There are many categories.

  • By room such as a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen
  • Calming and relaxing words
  • Landscape
  • Oceans
  • Spa type wall hangings
  • Hangings to promote meditation
  • By specific artists

These are just a few suggestions. We will go into choosing the wall hangings that fit your need for relaxation and give you peace later.

Quick Look At Wall Hangings By Landscape

ImageName And LandscapeStar
ocean wall hangingsOcean sunrise 5 piece wall hangings4.3 starPrice
red rose wall hangingsFlower red rose 5 panel wall hangings4.9 starPrice
wilderness wall artWilderness 5 piece wall hangingsNot yet
mountains wall hangingsMountains 5 piece wall hangings4.6 2 starPrice
sunset wall hangingsSunset 5 piece wall hangings4.6 2 starPrice

Quick Look At Wall Hangings By Picture Design

ImageName And DesignStar
abstract wall hangings 2Abstract 5 piece wall hangings4.5 star ratingPrice
zen all hangingsZen 5 piece wall hangings4.4 starPrice
word wall hangingsWord 5 piece wall hangings4.7 starPrice
artist wall hangingsBy artist 5 piece wall hangings4.5 star ratingPrice
animal wall hangingsAnimal 5 piece wall hangings4.5 star ratingPrice

How Do Our Brains Process Visual Images

Did you know that 90% of what our brain process is visual? Not only that, but the brain will process an image 60,000 times faster than writing or text. WOW! Now that’s incredible.

Our brain can process 36,000 images an hour, while it can only process or read 12,000 to 18,000 words an hour. That is a huge difference. You can actually double your self-improvement with pictures compared to words.

To overcome a negative thought, you first have to replace it with a positive one. When you put calming, relaxing wall hangings up in your home or a chosen room, you are automatically rewiring your brain when you walk into that room. You are also decreasing your stress and anxiety.

The Science Behind Rewiring Your Brain

This video talks about the science behind imagination. It is the same principle when you visually see a calming or relaxing piece of art. You walk into your home or room that you have set up to rewire your mind, and you immediately feel calm. The calming effect becomes easier as time goes on because of the neurons firing in your brain. You have formed a visual memory and connected it with the beauty on your walls. You just rewired your mind to think positive and find peace.

Quick Note

In the quick look tables above, you see different types of wall hangings. I did this to trigger your mind and let you know how many different kinds of pictures there are. I prefer canvas art but not everyone is the same.

You can click on any image and search for the type of wall hangings that will rewire your brain and promote a calming effect.

How Do You Choose Wall Hangings Suited For You?

So how do you know what you want? If you are recently out of an abusive relationship, you may not know how you feel. I encourage you to browse every type of wall hangings available, big, small, framed, or canvas; there are so many to choose from and very affordable.

When I left an abusive relationship after 9 years, I didn’t know what color of dishes I liked or what type and color of a bedspread. I browsed and looked, and over time I remembered myself and what I liked.

First, start by imagining what you like best. What causes calm? What makes you feel light and unburdened? Is it animals or a particular color? Is it the thought of a vast ocean or a deep forest? Sit down and decide what will make your home or room a safe sanctuary for you.

It doesn’t matter what someone else likes. These wall hangings are for you and your healing process. Put others out of your mind and think of only you.

Once you have imagined and decided what images are calming, head over to each link and browse; this is the fun part. If you get stuck, then take a bit of a break and start back up again later.

If you later decide you want to change, you can. Wall hangings are easy to replace. Relax and enjoy the experience.

You want to position the wall hangings in your home so that when you walk in, you feel so good; you just want to take a deep breath and relax. At this point, it may be helpful to imagine what it will look and feel like.

I am a lover of the ocean and open window pictures that lead to the ocean. In the hallway that leads from the door to my main living area, I have an array of ocean pictures. They give me peace and a feeling of calm every time I look at them.

Wall Hangings By Landscape

I have listed 5 beautiful examples of landscape wall hangings, and we will talk about each one. There are so so many more options.

ocean wall hangings

5 piece Blue Ocean Stretched Canvas

  • Stretched canvas oil painting
  • Ready to hang
  • 3 sizes
  • 30 different landscapes
red rose wall hangings

5 Piece Flower Stretched Canvas

  • Stretched canvas
  • Ready to hang
  • 3 sizes
  • 32 flower designs available
wilderness wall art

Wilderness 5 Piece Canvas Art

  • Stretched frameless design
  • 44 choices of wilderness pictures
  • 5 sizes
  • Ready to hang
mountains wall hangings

Kreative Arts 5 Piece Mountains

  • Glossy, high-quality canvas
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Inspected before packing
  • 2 sizes
sunset wall hangings

Sunset 5 Piece Canvas Art

  • Artwork is professional
  • 2 sizes
  • Glossy finish
  • Inspected before packing

As you have seen, there is every type of landscape to meet the needs of so many. What is your favorite scene? Do you love the open field or the cityscape? Is it the ocean that calls you or a wooded scene?

Wall Hangings By Design

By design means a theme for the pictures. Something that you can tie together or a love that you have developed like dogs or abstract design. It can be a passion. Are you passionate about tigers or a certain painter?

abstract wall hangings 2

Abstract Stretched Canvas Art

  • High-Definition Modern Art
  • Authentic Wieco Art 
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Ready to hang
zen all hangings

Zen Canvas Art To Promote Peace Through Meditation

  • Only high-quality canvas for printing
  • Protected with poly-bag sealing
  • Ready to hang
  • Perfect for any room
word wall hangings

Stretched Canvas Word Art

  • High-definition word art
  • Stretched over canvas
  • Ready to hang
  • Beautiful heart for home
artist wall hangings

Van Gogh Starry Night Canvas

  • Beautiful high-definition replica
  • 3 sizes
  • 5 choices of art
  • Ready to hang
animal wall hangings

Animal Stretched Canvas Art

  • ECO solvent ink
  • Expertly stretched over a strong frame
  • 4 sizes to choose
  • Fast delivery

Why Should You Trust Me?

round laura
wall hangings pin

I am Laura, the founder of Inspiration For Life. Why should you trust me? After my experience with an abusive relationship, my insecurities were at an all-time high. I can relate to how you feel and what will help you learn to love yourself.

I have been where you are today. I spent many long anxious days thinking about what I had been through and if I would ever be OK. I have researched wall hangings high and low to give you the best choices. Not to mention I found that art gave me peace and allowed me to regroup. My home is a safe haven for me, and I want you to find the same peace in your home.


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