Did You Wish Today Away?

Is the world so focused on tomorrow that we forget about today? Do you wish for tomorrow to come because today has been too hard?

Heather started her day just like any other day. She woke up late, so she didn’t get to take a shower. She took her makeup with her in the car because she had to move fast. Heather had been late for work two times this month. One more time and she would get written up.

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Heather was a bartender in an open mic bar in Nashville. She made good tips, but the greatest perk was being allowed to sing when it was slow. She had been trying to catch a break in the Nashville scene for two years now. People were starting to notice her. The very last thing she wanted was to get fired.

While she drove down the freeway, she put on her makeup on looking in the rearview mirror. She popped the hill going 80 MPH. The car in front of her came to a complete stop. She smeared mascara all over her eye but barely skimmed by the car onto the shoulder. WOW! That was way too close for comfort.

Now she had mascara smeared everywhere. When Heather entered her work, she was still shaking. And she was 3 minutes late. Her day did not start well!

That was not all. Heather still had a full 8 hours to work. She spilled a full beer in a customer’s lap. She was allowed to sing, while a producer was there to see her. She forgot the words to a song she had written. How much worse could it get?

That was the most horrible thing she could have done. Heather was almost in tears when a friend came to her and said, “Tomorrow is a new day, and you can wake up to start over.”

This story is about Heather’s day, but it gets my point across.

What if your day was much worse than this one. All you wanted to do was run away or go to sleep and wake up on a new day. You wanted to forget all about the terrible things that had happened.

Maybe you did wreck your car, and you have no money to replace it. Or perhaps a long-term relationship came to an ugly end. Or maybe you got robbed or lost a loved one.

These are examples of horrible things that can happen in anyone’s everyday life. But if you just forget about them or try to move on to a new day without looking at the situation what have you learned?

You are given good and bad days so you can learn and grow. If you pass this day off and move forward, it may happen again.

Heather could have looked at her day to see where she could have improved. She had been late for work two times that month. If she had looked at those days, she might have decided to set her alarm earlier or to go to bed earlier. These two simple tasks could have changed her whole day.

There are some things that you cannot fix like the loss of a loved one or have someone violate your hose with robbery. You can look at the pain of loss and think of the good times in that situation.

It will not be an easy task to accomplish, but this is how you can become a stronger more resilient person to face the bad days that may still come your way.

If you wish today away then tomorrow all things will be the same. You will not have matured or progressed to improve your life. Today may be painful to look at but facing the pain helps us develop.

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