Fear or Blessing?

I am married to a wonderful man. But I fought his love from the day I met him until the day I married him. He was a good person, and I was sure kind men like this did not exist.

You can look so carefully at your past mistakes you may miss a blessing that comes your way.

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Georgia had lived a hard life. She had made many mistakes, but life, in general, had not been kind to her. No matter how hard she tried, bad things just kept coming her way.

Straight out of high school she went to work for an attorney doing the footwork. She went to school and earned her bachelor’s degree as a paralegal. Georgia was a smart girl. Her schooling came easy for her.

Not all of her life was this simple. While she made good sound decisions at work and moved up in the law firm, she continued to make lousy decisions in her relationships.

She wanted to help everyone, and this is how she chose her men. Georgia would always meet guys who needed her help. Guys who didn’t work and had a sob story about how their health prevented them from working. Men who told her their previous wives were mean to them.

Regardless of their story Georgia was gullible and believed everyone. When Georgia was 38, she had been married and divorced more times than she cared to mention. She had decided to stay single. She did not trust her ability to choose the right life partner.

Along came Allen. He worked in the same office she did. They saw each other every day, but she was not attracted to him. She was not attracted to anyone. She was going to stay single forever.

Allen asked her to a movie. Georgia was thinking; there must be something wrong with this man. Only needy men wanted to date her. She repeatedly turned him down.

He asked so many times that she decided to go out with him to shut him up. She told him every possible thing she could think of to make him not like her so he would stop asking her out.

As the story goes, Allen continued to ask her out. He was a good man with a good job. He was kind and intelligent. Georgia told him everything bad about herself to persuade him from liking her. Allen still wanted to date her.

Georgia looked at this situation through the paradigm of her past failures. She thought she had learned from her mistakes. Therefore, Georgia was never going to take a chance on a man again. If she learned, then she also learned to look for a good functional man, but she didn’t trust herself.

Because she refused to acknowledge that she could make a good decision she decided not to make relationship decisions at all.

Allen was a blessing sent her way. He was an incredibly kind man, but she refused to see the truth. She would not move out of her fear and take another chance on love.

Georgia missed an opportunity to have a functional relationship and remained single until she passed away at the age of 81.

Are you like Georgia? Have you been sent a blessing but you refuse to see it because you are still living in the past? Are your fears taking away a life full of joy and love?

When you take the time to heal, and you learn, then it is also time to trust yourself. Your blessing could be in any form. It doesn’t have to be a relationship. Believe that you have grown and know how to make good decisions. Don’t miss out on a life full of blessings because you are stuck in your fears.


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