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I have picked out some of my good personal quotes and put them to photos. They are an excellent example of how I feel about life. But they are also true to my life. I have found that I am not unique in my troubles throughout life. Every person alive goes through trials. But it is crucial to overcome these challenges and move forward.





I have made good and bad choices in life. But the fact is it doesn’t matter what type of choice it is you make, every one of them will affect the path you take.

You can’t always make a choice that will take you down the road God has set for you. Yes, you can pray about it, but we don’t always listen to what God says.

At times we get something in our heads and set our path. But God is still there in whatever way we choose if we allow him to be.




Adversity is a fact of life. How you handle the situation is the real issue.

Hang onto the inner peace even if it is a morsel deep inside of you. This tiny morsel is where the strength of God will reside when the road ahead appears too dark and long to travel



Hang onto your dignity when times are far too complicated. Keep your head high and keep a look of determination on your face.

It is so easy to tell the world how hard life is, but it serves no purpose. The sad fact is that most people can not feel what you are feeling inside, so they are not able to empathize with you.

So, when you air your dirty laundry to the world, it only comes back to haunt you. That look of determination will let the world know you are strong and no one can mess with you.



Oh, my friend, this is when the split from moving forward or standing still comes into play.

Fear or Peace? Finding your inner peace and keeping your head held high with determination you still can have fear in your heart.

If you dwell on the fear, your peace will flee. You have to force your mind to dwell on peace. Pray for the Lord to give you peace and your mind will follow your heart.


When the hard times have pushed past you, do not let your heart be bitter. Bitterness is an addiction just as dangerous as a substance. It erodes away at your heart.

Instead be addicted to love, kindness, smiles, laughter, and hope. When you practice these attributes, you will begin to feel them inside.

Begin with the smiles and hope. These two will lead to laughter, and your heart will no longer be a bitter mold. Love and kindness for yourself and others will follow.




I will choose to have a heart of awe and wonder. I will not let the troubles of this world push out the goodness that God put in me on the day I was born.

Between birth and death, I can choose to be bitter or to live life to it’s fullest.

I choose to love and have goodness. What will you choose?




Never ever stop. Live your life like a slinky when it is dropped down a flight of stairs. Just keep going, learning and growing until the end.

Live a life of love and pay it forward to help another in need.

I have many more good personal quotes I will share with you in the future.

Thank You for taking your time to read my writing. If I can be of assistance to you please leave a reply or email me.

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