Poems And Words For Peace, Forgiveness, And God By Laura Fuller

In our changing world, it is hard to find peace. But peace comes from within, from forgiveness, and God. These poems by Laura Fuller hold words for peace and forgiveness so your heart can move forward.

Are you searching for peace in the world? Have you looked high and low and don’t seem to get a grasp on it. You think one minute you may have found it, but your heart is still heavy? That may be because you can only find peace inside of you. The world will always be in turmoil but within your heart is where you can calm the storms.

Read these words for peace and forgiveness and reach deep inside of yourself. When you learn to forgive, you are doing it for yourself, not for the other person. You forgive so you will no longer dwell on a situation. You will find the storms of your life calm, just like the ocean waves die down to a ripple as the wind stops.

Words For Peace

Magical Ship Of Peace

By Laura Fuller

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Imagination is an important part of our lives. It can take you to places far away, or it can calm the storm within you. As you read this poem, let your imagination calm you and help you escape the judgment of this world and, yes, the judgment you place on yourself.

Words For Peace SHIP

Magical Ship Of Peace

Board the magical ship

to sail a summer night

no destination, no direction

Spread your wings

far above the bow

touch to guide you

Your eyes lifted

above the stars

Take flight

float the ocean air

dare to dream

of peace

of hope

of steady winds

Never to return

to torrential winds

left stranded in a world

where all are branded

Chaos Or Peace

By Laura Fuller

Our world today moves too fast. The internet has knowledge we never imagined possible. We can reach people on the other side of the world in seconds. But where is the peace? Once again, it is within you. Trying to control the world around you will not give you peace; it will only make it all more chaotic. Let go of the world and find the peace you crave within your soul.

Words For Peace CHAOS

Chaos Of Peace

In a world of chaos

the force moves faster

My mind is screaming

Peace oh, peace

where are you?

I need release

Tears of my heart

the churning of my soul

cries out for control

Excitement Of Life

By Laura Fuller

Have you felt your life is going nowhere? You can’t find the peace you strive for by finding more excitement? It is good to imagine, for it can take you far away. You can reset your mind with imagination. As you read this poem, think of the calm that comes with the flight. Yes, it can be exciting, but it will also help you find yourself and the peace within you.

Words For Peace excitement

The Excitement Of Life

I want to feel the


of life upon my face

I’ll dive in the sky

to touch the stars

Or skim the ocean waters

like velvet on my skin

I want to feel alive

at the break of dawn

With the rising moon

I’ll spread my wings

and take to flight

Forgiveness And Unconditional Love

By Laura Fuller

Even though we love our children from the time of conception, there will always be times we need to forgive them, and they forgive us. Forgiveness is the beginning of unconditional love. But we can only forgive them. We cannot make them forgive because forgiveness is for our soul alone. With our forgiveness, it will free us to find peace in our lives.

Words For Peace mom hugging sun

Forgiveness And Unconditional Love

You are my only son

for each one is

Unconditional love

a bridge connects our hearts

floods come

destruction in it’s path

and try to break the knot

Yet my soul connects to you

my blood was your blood

my beating heart kept you alive

your touch created our bond

Floods recede

bridges form

the unconditional link

of forgiveness

Raising A Child

By Laura Fuller

We love our children, but we will make mistakes in raising them. We can only forgive ourselves for what we did not know, for the mistakes we made, and find that peace, the unconditional love that we need.

Words For Peace forgive yourself

Raising A child

A child we raise

we love and hold

not much we know

wrapped in our fold

to ease their burden

give all we never had

to lighten their load

and run free

to give them power

as they grow.

The rod we spared

becomes apparent

in the lack of respect

given freely

with thoughts running free.

The discipline we gave

did lack the hand

but not the love.

Move forward in mistakes

our fault our road to travel

to forgive ourselves

is the hardest of all.

Empty Barren Rose Of Sharon

By Laura Fuller

Forgiveness is a choice. But if you choose not to forgive, your soul will wither with the pain, and your house will remain cold as you grow old. Don’t allow that coldness to overtake the peace you can have.

withering flower

Empty Barren Rose Of Sharon


resting in the dark

as bottles sitting about

not broken or cold

yet empty and old

All appears barren

yet a rose of sharon

Dirt all around

house falling down

yet still a heart and soul

what to do with

a rose of sharon

a heart and soul?

Lay idle, broken and cold?

or find light

in the mercy of forgiveness?


By Laura Fuller

You are worthy because God Loves You! God is merciful, full of love and full of peace.

hands and cross


Look to the light

an angel shines

his name


Am I deserving

of such grace?

Oh Lord

have mercy on me.

God Are You There?

By Laura Fuller

Most of us will feel all alone and separated from God at some time in our lives. It isn’t because He is not there but because we are not there. Yet we search high and low trying to find him. We want him to give us peace and take care of us when all along, we are not accepting his care and peace.

hands in heaven

God Are You There?

Oh God, my God

God are you there

my pain runs deep

sorrow and despair

eyes lifted to heaven

words I plead


to the left, to the right

I need, I need

to see your hand.

God are you there?

Aching heart

trodden feet

beauty replaced

age rolls on.

Look to the past

failing body

mind so sharp

I see your hand

in all my life.

Your touch so free

my tears you caught

you cried for me

God are you there?

Lingering In The Shadows

By Laura Fuller

You never know when someone is looking up to you. You probably don’t feel like you are an example but what you do affects others. Always do what you know is right, so you don’t lead a soul astray. Don’t let regret later in life steal your peace.

shadow on wall

Lingering In The Shadows

Walk tall

Stand strong

A pillar of strength

A load bearing beam

An example for the one

Lingering in the shadows

No Way Out

By Laura Fuller

When the valley is too deep and the way is too rough, we can always turn back to God for warmth, shelter, and peace.


No Way Out

With my eyes

I see

snow falling

treacherous beauty

a mark it leaves

no way out

no trail uncovered

With my heart

I feel a hand

a way forward

back to warmth

the shelter

and safety of God

Fear Of Light And Dark

By Laura Fuller

When life is good, we praise God, but when times are dark, we fear. God is our protector and giver of peace. He will take away our fear in good and dark times. He is our guiding light, and evil must flee at the name of the Son, Jesus.

sun in dark

Fear Of Light And Dark

Wake to the morning sun

a bright and shinning day

singing and praising

the blessings of that day

The moon above

asleep in the dark

shaking and shivering with fear

shadows of the night

God did speak!

Why do you fear

in the light of the moon

my hand does protect

light of the day

your heart does shine

for evil must flee

at the name of the Son

words for peace pin

Find what you need in these words for peace. Look to the light of God for the forgiveness that he can put in your heart.

Laura is the author of hundreds of poems to help you in all situations, as well as words for peace, forgiveness, and God. Not all of her works are on this website, but they will be in the next few weeks. Be sure to browse all poems written by Laura as she wants to help you overcome the troubles of your life.

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