Usher Your Night to Dawn

All you can see is a big open dark tunnel? It sucks you in and swallows you up. You try and try to see the light, but your tube is so thick and profound that the black takes over every fiber of you. You look from side to side, but all you see is black. A deep dark hole that closes in on you and when you wake up each morning you can’t see the sun shine. The blackness chokes the life right out of you completely to the core of your being.

This sucking and choking sounds so ominous. I have been there in that place where I did not think the sun would ever shine again. My lungs felt suffocated by the thickness that I had to tread through every single day.

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I am writing this to help you see your way out of the hole. I know that deep inside of you the sun still shines. It is in times like this you have to dig deep to find the light and let it illuminate your soul. When your very own strength shines, it may not show to the world. But at times like this, the world does not matter. Only you matter when the life outside of you no longer exists.

You are still alive. Your blood is still pumping through your heart and warming your toes. But you feel chilled and isolated from the world. Your body may be warm, but you have no feeling when you touch your skin. You are in shock.

Reach into your soul for the strength you need, and you will find the darkness will slowly turn into dawn. It may take you time to see the sun, but the tiniest ray of light will illuminate the dark and dreary tunnel. That beam will begin to light a path for you to find your way out.

Nothing can stomp out the light once it has cast its beam straight ahead. The shimmer of light will glow and as it does it will ignite a fire inside of you.

It is a sufferingly slow process that builds from within you. As you reach the end of the tunnel, you will see the light. The day of light will sneak up on you. One day you will look up, and there will be no more darkness, and your mind will be oblivious to the heartache of the night.

On the day when you awaken and realize there is more light than darkness. When you open your eyes, and the light is the sun shining on your face. When the light floods all around you, you will feel glory in every corner. You will be surrounded by beauty again. You will know it was the grace of God that carried you through that dark and dreary tunnel.

That darkness will disappear from your universe, and you will wake up to see the night did not end your world. Instead, you overcame the darkness with the glow of your strength. Your power that lives inside of you and moves you forward will help you grow.

At that time when the darkness engulfed you, it felt like your happiness had flown away never to return. But that time has passed and smiling, and laughter will come easy for you again. You will dance and sing. You will forgive and love and move forward into the daylight.


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