WHOA Baby-It’s A Conspiracy

Today we are amid a pandemic as everyone knows. We are in a crisis like none known to this generation. Or at least those who are less than 87 years of age.

Today I want to talk about the flip side of COVID-19. My take on the virus is if we did not lockdown and social distance, the death toll would be astronomical.

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WHOA Baby-It’s A Conspiracy

poem by laura fuller, whoa baby it's a conspiracy

Many believe COVID-19 to be a conspiracy formed by the governments of each nation. Or maybe just a plot of the United States government against their people.

My take on the flip side is what if you are right, and this is only the governments trying to harm the citizens. What they want is control of our money, and the 10% wealthy can rule the world.

Let me try to organize the arguments.

Flu vs. COVID-19

OK, let’s say this is a true statement. Let’s explore the flu.

The flu is not of epidemic proportions because people have immunities to the flu. So many will not catch it. There is a shot that helps to prevent the spread of influenza.

getting a shot

Yes, the flu shot is different each year, and the CDC takes a stab at which flu to vaccinate against, but they do have the ability to give a vaccination.

According to the WHO director- Across, the flu usually kills 1% of those infected while COVID-19 (to date) kills about 3.4% of reported cases.

We do not have a vaccine against the coronavirus! Heck, we may or may not even have medicine to treat COVID-19.

So how is the flu worse than COVID-19? It is not worse. The coronavirus is a new strain. Well, not so new. It has been around for years but has not infected the human population as a pandemic until now.

The spread is fast and furious across the nations.

Cancer vs. COVID-19

So what about cancer. Cancer kills more than COVID-19, also a true statement. The difference is when you have cancer you usually get an option to treat the cancer. You have time to prepare. Maybe not much time, but you could have a month or years ahead of you to live what life you have left.

In most cases with cancer, you have family and friends who support you. People go to treatments with you. They come to the hospital to visit, and when your time comes, they are there with you also when you pass.

a lady with cancer

With COVID-19, you have two weeks if you are lucky and usually days or hours. When the virus hits hard and causes SARS a severe respiratory infection, you have to realize that you may only have days to live.

You don’t have any time to notify the family or friends. An ambulance hauls you off to the ER, and within minutes to hours, you may end up on a ventilator. No one is allowed to come with you. No one can visit.

They put you to sleep, and shove a tube down your throat. You may wake up from this horrific illness, and two weeks later, go home. But you do not see anyone except the masked and gowned hospital personnel.

What if you don’t wake up and recover like so many hundreds of thousands? Then you pass away all alone. The hospital staff are your support and your family.

Heart Attack vs. COVID-19

At this current time, yes, SCD (sudden cardiac deaths) have caused 325,000 deaths in the US, while COVID-19 is currently at 114,098 deaths. When I wrote this article 3 days ago the number was 81,000. SCD numbers are over a year, while the 114,098 deaths from COVID-10 are over the past four months.

When it comes to more deaths from heart attacks and the way a person dies, suddenly it is a good comparison.

Each individual can prevent a heart attack with regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle. With COVID-19, we can limit the deaths with social distancing and lockdown.

having a heart attack

ER and Hospital Care

I will approach this argument from a different angle. Hospital personnel provides care to a specific number of ill patients. Each department averages the number of patients and hires doctors, nurses, nursing techs, and ancillary staff to care for the average number of patients.

One month the census may be low, so staff is sent home, but the next month census is high, and the staff works overtime. Either way, the patients are cared for regardless of the numbers.

With the influx of COVID-19 patients, there is no extra staff. The sick and dying are flooding the ERs in vast numbers. So, if you have a 20 bed ER, you will typically have four doctors and 4-5 nurses and maybe 2 or 3 respiratory therapists for the entire hospital. The patients range from critically ill to ear infections or broken bones.

Now with the COVID-19, the number of critically ill patients is skyrocketing. When a person requires intubation and ventilation, a nurse and a doctor and a respiratory therapist have to be present (in most cases.)

When you have 8 COVID-19 patients requiring intubation at the same time, there are not enough medical personnel to go around. Yet, the guidelines for standard of care are as stated above. The medical staff has to make a choice, do they intubate a patient with only one person in the room or do they let another one crash?


Because if everyone is present that standards of care dictate then another person will suffer. There are way too many patients for the medical staff to care for and you have to know how to protect your safety zone. 

Now to intubate a person with only a doctor present is an unsafe situation.

How would you feel if you were the one in the ER and the doctor had to make that decision?

END Of Story

I will recap this article for you in terms of my thought process.
The argument that more people die from other causes vs. COVID-19 is a feeble one indeed. And you feel that the social distancing and lockdown are unwarranted. Or that the protective measures enforced are a conspiracy of the government.

If we did not follow the closing of borders or staying the distance from others or staying at home, the numbers very well could be astronomical. Are you willing to take that chance to prove that you should be at work or partying with your friends or going to the local pool or gym? What is the entitlement mentality that we so often see today. It is not all about one person it is about the world and coming together.

I know it is an inconvenience, but you will take the lives of your neighbors and friends into your hands and gamble with it.

But let’s say your denial of the situation is from a fear of economic collapse, or you just don’t like having someone tell you what to do. So, you do what you want to keep the economy secure and take control of your situation.

Again, you are taking the life of those around you into your hands, and you may be injecting a death sentence on those you love. Are you willing to take that responsibility?

If it is a conspiracy, we cannot change that now. The virus is still here among us, and it is deadly. I know we don’t have the full story of deaths and infected populations, but that does not change the fact that people are dying. People we love!

And the hospitals do not have enough people to take care of the sick. That is a fact! You don’t like people telling you what to do, but your taking control of the situation does not change the facts.

No matter what you want or how you feel or whether you believe this is real does not bring back those who have died and those who will die.

What are your thoughts on this subject? I would love to hear from you. Please leave all comments and questions in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “WHOA Baby-It’s A Conspiracy”

  1. Conspiracy! What exactly is that? People are dying! And the numbers are increasing by the hour! Yes cancer kills but it is not contagious. Heart attacks kill but they are not contagious either. Right now the medication for corona virus is not even ready. Either it’s a conspiracy or not we need to stop it! 

  2. An interesting review you have there!

    These are somehow my thought! Sometimes I feel the story is not adding up! I do not despise the facts that the disease is out there but I feel there is more than what they are telling. But all the same I wouldn’t want to risk my life or the life of anyone so I am obeying the orders of the government to stay at home.

    • Exactly, but it is so important to do as they say to protect us. Just as you are doing.Great job, Lizzy. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 


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