14 Self Love Poems For Esteem, Trust, And Worth-Laura Fuller

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How do you learn self love to increase your esteem, trust, and worth of self? If you are a lover of poetry, you will find what you need in these self love poems by Laura Fuller.

It isn’t easy to think about self love. We are taught that to care for ourselves is to be selfish. That is a false statement. You can not love another until you first learn to self love. You have to use self love to increase your self esteem and self worth. And in the process, you will learn self trust.

Self Love Poems

Confusion Of Truth

By Laura Fuller

How will you know what is the truth and what are lies? It is all so confusing, especially when your self-esteem is at an all-time low. This poem speaks of the confusion of low self esteem.

sea of confusion girl on rock

Confusion Of Truth


in denial

wall of reality

sea of innocence

ocean of suspicion

awake to confusion

a soul in turmoil

of right and truth

good and evil

which way to turn?

what way to go?

show me the way

shall I ever know?

Heartbeat Of Life

By Laura Fuller

Each of us has a heartbeat. When we learn to trust others, we can join that beat and impact the world with change. The key is self love the result is self trust.

 Self Love Poems laura fuller heart beat of life

Heartbeat Of Life

heart of the matter

heart of the core

beating of life

pulsing vitality

radiating heat

generating energy

electricity courses

through veins

of the world

the center of life

of one or many

come together

as a word

as a world

as a universe

beating as one



By Laura Fuller

No matter how far down you go there is always up. Hold your head up, have courage and rise again. This is another of the self love poems relating life to a rollercoaster.

 Self Love Poems laura fuller roller coaster



take me high



crashing all around

faster I go

downward spiral

out of control

up, up, up

we go

no stopping now

courage, strength

soaring on a dream

to reach the top

Seed Of Love

By Laura Fuller

Self-love requires caring for yourself. Water your life and watch it grow. This is one of the self love poems that talks about caring for yourself as if you are a flower.

 Self Love Poems laura fuller r orchid

Seed Of Love

The flower of life

produced from the seed above

brought forth in the eyes of beauty

renders happiness

when watered


By Laura Fuller

To learn and grow, we have to take baby steps, fall, and get back up. You can not change and heal overnight; it takes time. This poem speaks of self love and giving yourself a break.

 Self Love Poems laura fuller  baby steps


Babies they grow

steps they take

fall and up again

Grown ups they falter

one step then another

fall and lay low?

Why oh why are you down

when acts of the day

take many a night

to learn and grow?

No expert

ever rose on high

without a stumble and fall.

Kindness to self

imperfect you are

so steps you take

will cause a fall.

Get up and rise again

make steady your feet

to soar!

One True Talent

By Laura Fuller

You are worthy of living and breathing. Dig deep within yourself to find the talent that God has given you and then cultivate it. One True Talent is a poem that speaks of your talent as being you. You are the talent God has given you. Find your self love within yourself.

 Self Love Poems laura fuller talent

One True Talent

A gift I say

I have none

was I passed up?

no talent bestowed?

I missed my talent

defeat and dispair

I searched and searched

just one I need

maybe small indeed

I dug so deep

the earth rumbeled up

burried within

deeper and deeper

to the oceans deapth

and there I found

my gift

it’s me!

Trust Me

By Laura Fuller

To trust who you are and your instincts is a major step in recovery and growth. You have to learn who you are all over again and listen to that small still voice within you. When you do this, you will build your trust in yourself again. This poem speaks of self love to build trust. Learning to love yourself unconditionally and growing in self-trust.

 Self Love Poems laura fuller trust yourself

Trust Me

At times I trust you

my best friend

worst enemy.

We are one from beginning

to end.

You fail me

build me up

laugh with me

and cry

but still no trust.

how will it be?

my trust in you

to guide me

with unconditional love?

you and me

we are one

born in the moment

growing together.

I am you and you are me

how will it be

to trust me?

A Storm Is Coming

By Laura Fuller

There will be many storms in your life. But one thing is always sure, and that is the faithfulness and mercy of our Lord and Savior. This poem speaks of self trust. It is about trusting God, which is a part of self love.

self love poems laura fuller storm

A Storm Is Coming

I buttoned down the hatch

and battened up the windows

I watched the storm track

and shook in my shoes.

What if I die?

the storm takes me away

From nowhere

my guiding light

broke my blindness.

In the midst of my storm

I couldn’t run

no where to hide

In the eye of my storm

I prayed, I cried.

Light so bright

the presence of God

His promises to hold me.

I faced my storms

I rose above

His faith never waivered

His mercy never failed

Love, Laugh, Renew

By Laura Fuller

You are worth all of the efforts you put in to change. Let yourself be free of the past and move forward. This poem speaks of setting yourself free with self love to build your self worth.

self love poems laura fuller love laugh

Love, Laugh, Renew

Fly fly away my friend

let the winds carry you

the waters to cleanse

laugh, love, renew

go fly on the wind

rise above the storm

for the times you knew

will pass away

the cleansing waters

are here to stay

Stand Strong

By Laura Fuller

You can’t listen to what others say about you. You are worthy, and you have to stand strong in your struggles. Don’t let gossip dictate who you are. This poem speaks of self worth. Know who you are and your value.

orange circle

Stand Strong

Perpetual motion

moving forward

one thought

unto another

one action.

Forward minds

think alike

or suggestion?

your thoughts

unto mine.

Social media

the culprit

or gossip?

Is the circle complete

by your words

or will my steadfast feet

stand strong for me?

Oh The Pain

By Laura Fuller

What do you do with the deep pain of loss? How do you build yourself back up? This poem is about the pain you have gone through, which has caused you to have low self esteem. At times the pain is so deep it is hard to get past it to find self love. You can do this!

girl in pain

Oh The Pain

What do you do?

Pain rushes in

stifles your air

takes your breath

constricts your heart

consumes your brain

awake all night

smothered by dark

What do you do?

Crystal Ball

By Laura Fuller

If only you had a crystal ball that could tell your future. Then you could avoid all evil and live happily ever after. But you don’t, nor will you ever have insight into your future. You have to trust in God, which is a form of self trust because Jesus lives in you. He will guide you and help you earn from your mistakes.

crystal ball

Crystal Ball

I wish I had a magic ball

to answer all my questions.

Or just a crystal ball

to tell my future.

I wish I knew

what lay ahead.

Oh what faith I need

to scale the ups and downs

to rise above my falls

that lay ahead.

Oh I wish I knew

the answer!

My Pen

By Laura Fuller

When you have low self-worth or self-esteem it is helpful to write down words of self-affirmations. Keep a list of your good qualities. At first, it may be hard to come up with some but dig deep and keep adding to your list. This poem talks of writing and how it will take you anywhere.


My Pen

My pen is my pal

it helps me decide

what life to take

what road to ride.

So, when I feel

down and alone

I pick up my pen

and away we go.

My pen takes me to seas

and back again

it shows me my dreams

where life begins.

So, you see

my pen is my pal

whatever I can be

my pen will see.

14 Self Love Poems For Esteem, Trust, And Worth-Laura Fuller pin

May you find self love in these words of poems. Take them to heart, heal and grow. There is light at the end of your tunnel; you just have to keep pushing forward to reach it.

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May your life be full of love and your day be filled with sunshine.


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