3 Poems-The Empathic Clairsentient Person By Laura Fuller

Understanding the empathetic clairsentient person is an enigma. But for you, as an empathetic clairsentient person to understand yourself is a daunting process. I have written 3 poems about the strong emotions of an empathic, clairsentient person but first, let’s talk for a moment about what it means.

The word empath means a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

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Well, now that is a bit weird or scary. The word paranormal makes an empathetic clairsentient person, feel like they are from outer space. I mean, think about it for a minute, you are an empathetic clairsentient, and people think you are weird. Or at least that is my experience.

Or half the world wants to be like you and say they too are an empath. They might be an empath or a highly sensitive person but that doesn’t help much because they look normal and you don’t. As an empathetic clairsentient person, you know who the elephant is in the room. You also know the emotions of another person when often they deny they feel the way you say. In other words, you know how they feel before they are ready to acknowledge their emotions.


Did you know that 20% of the population are empaths, but only 1-2% are Clairsentient? This means that 20% of the people you are around can feel and empathize with you, but only 1-2% actually carry your emotions within themselves.

There is an author, Judith Orloff, who has written books on highly-sensitive people and empathy. She has come up with signs or characteristics of an empath. I will leave a link at the bottom to make it easier for you to read more about her work.

There are other books on Clairsentience. Most of them talk about how to develop your Claire sense. I do not use my ability to step into the spiritual realm as some do. I do not support tarot card reading or contacting the dead. However, I do write about the struggles of an empathetic clairsentient person which are what these 3 poems talk about.

As the years have passed, I have strived to understand the Clairsentient side of my character. I know how to convey emotions and feelings to you through my writing and poems. So here I have 3 poems that will show you the strong emotions I feel from another person.

3 Poems Empathetic Clairsentient By Laura Fuller

You may identify with the words of each poem and if you do you too may be an empathetic clairsentient person.


The Secrets We Carry

By Laura Fuller

The cold moves around you
you shiver
you shake
Inside your heart
flows blood
warm and tender
pain seeps in
your heart grows weary
All around you
deep dark secrets
no one knows
The pain flows
from blood to heart
the emotions so strong
deep-seated strength
The burden of pain
stronger and stronger it grows
as time moves on
you learn
this is not you
but some sad and lonely soul
Then warm spring can flow
surrounding you with
peace and hope
acceptance and love
Until another deep dark secret
is laid open to bare
upon your soul

steal your thoughts

Empathic They Say!

By Laura Fuller

An empath they say
ha, ha, is the way
the world does say
in a bated way

You don’t know
how I feel
my emotions I see
they say!

No experience I say
nothing to relate?
ha ha I say
your thoughts are yours?

Oh that’s the ticket
that’s the issue
you know my gift
in denial you stay

Ha Ha I know
for denial will not
take my thoughts
and give you peace

Oh my, I’m not here
NOT here
NOT here
to steal your thoughts

I don’t want to know
Your inner being
The evil things
Your mind does conjure

Just as your feelings
Invade my emotions
I know your notions

But remember my dear
I don’t give
a rips thought
of you and your denial

I just don’t
want to know
how you think
what you feel

I want to be free
just like you
not a care of this world
to believe no one knows

Oblivious to
all that passes by
but no not possible
I am in all of you

By the projection of time
you lay it on me
all your emotions
for me to carry, to bare, to know

3 poems Empathic, Clairsentient, laura fuller wind speaks

The Wind Speaks

By Laura Fuller

You just wanna be loved
The pain so tangled
so deep way down inside
Ride the wind of ocean waves
surf the inner pain
Alone a choice
keeps hurt at bay
sabotage all good
Run, oh, Run
I know, Oh yes I know
you can hear the wind speak
and the voice of rocks
Yet you think it’s you
in your head you live
Don’t speak
words fall on deaf ears
crazy they say!
oh my dear,
No, oh No
a few like you only a minority know
Like grandma, mom too
in your genes, your blood they say
But oh my dear
let the wind blow
rush the raging storm
only then will you see you
only then will insomnia turn
confusion to understanding
lonely nights to freedom
Not you
but emotions of voices you feel
vibrations of earth
Leave insanity behind
it belongs not to you
nor yours to hold

3 Poems The Empathic Clairsentient Person By Laura Fuller pin

Judith Orloff, The Empath’s Survival Guide, Life Strategies For Sensitive People.

Empathy Test

These books and web articles may help you determine if you are an empath. But remember, an empath is not an empathetic clairsentient person. This article may help to separate the 2 gifts.

23 Signs You Are Clairsentient

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  1. Beautiful Laura and as an empath I understand those feelings so deeply and sometimes I too wish I didn’t feel like this

    You are an inspiration. Thank you


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