A Blog, A Fog, A Tribe?

Before I started learning about the internet, I had no idea what a blog was. It seemed like a word for nothing. Do you feel that way sometimes?

It was all a mystery how things were broadcast on the internet and how people could possibly put all of these things on a screen. I researched and taught my self how to set up a website, but I still didn’t understand what a blog was.

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When I set up my website, I realized I was setting up a blog site. I only found this out because the theme I used said it was for bloggers. So, I would become a blogger and put my writing on the internet for others to see. Which means I now have a blog site.

The word blog can be daunting and confusing. It may be a fog of random thoughts in your mind. To understand what subscribe and sign up means takes way too much time to figure out, so you don’t sign up for any of them.

With more research, I found I needed a sign-up form, or no one would ever see my site and what I had to say. So, I began setting up different pop-up styles. Pop up forms show up when a person scrolls through a story. They allow a person to sign up for various things and get emails sent to them.

When you sign-up for some sites it feels like a whole tribe has joined you. It is like a blind swipe, and you start getting 10,000 emails. I think these sites sell your email address to others to make money. Some forms are less intrusive and send you only the information that you said you wanted plus a bit more. My site sends you a welcome email and a new email each time I put an original story on my blog site.

When I taught myself how to set up a form I was so excited because anyone would be able to see my writing every week by just putting their email address in the box. But no one signed up. Was it because no one wanted to see what I had to say? NO!

So, I started researching and asking friends why this may be. My friends told me that when they sign up, they are afraid of the blind swipe tribe of emails. Some of my friends said they had no idea what a blog site is or how to sign up for one.

I could understand this thought because I believe the word “blog” is a blanket term for many different ways to put stories and updates on a website. In my opinion, there is not a clear definition of the word “blog.”

Please allow me to help with this thought process and help you learn how to sign up for a beautiful inspirational site that is referred to as a blog site.

It is easy to sign up. You place your name and email address in the form and click on the black bar. You may receive a confirmation email that you say yes to, and you are now set to acquire all of the fabulous inspiration I write.

But what happens if you sign up for a site you don’t like or don’t feel is helpful. Well, that is easy too. By law, every email you receive has to have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Click on that link and stop the emails. It is that easy also.

Why would I even want you to sign up when you can go to my site anytime you like to see my latest posts. It is for your convenience that you sign up. Maybe for one or two weeks, you are too busy to go to my site. You would then miss a post that may be the one true story that inspires you.

If you have signed up, it is waiting for you in your email for you to click on when you have a free 5 minutes. Having the latest posts sent to you just makes it easier. Now you don’t have to search for my site and wait for it to load. When you click on the email, it is right there for you to read.

So now that you know why and how to sign up don’t hesitate. I am one of the good guys who will not spam your email or harass you to buy something you do not want.

Now is the time to get inspired through a blog site that boasts prose and poetry of “Inspiration For Life.”

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