Board The Magical Ship

In my younger years when I was a single mom raising my kids at times things seemed so complicated that I just wanted to run away. I didn’t want to run away from the world I was in, my kids or my life. Instead, I wanted to start running so fast it would feel like I was flying. I thought this would get out all of my frustrations.

I know there are numerous people in this world who feel this way. But imagine dreaming of a life that is easy and like a fairytale. A life like Peter Pan had. An experience where you are always carefree like happy children with no responsibility.

Think how it would be if you could board a magical ship on warm oceans. The night air would surround you, and there would be nowhere you had to go.

There is no destination except the one you have dreamed. Your ship had no direction except what you could reach for and touch. And you could fly as if to float over the ocean.

You can’t live an unrealistic life of fairytales. You can’t fly or float over the ocean, and you can’t run away.

But what about dreaming of hope and peace and steady winds. You can not only imagine this you can have this in your life. I have said before in my writing that the challenges in life come in groups. Just like the good times also come in groups.

You will have a run of sad or rough days or months. But the sound and rewarding days will follow. When the happy days with smiles are in your life, you feel hope, peace and a steady road. But you too can feel this way during the unpleasant days.

It is human nature to panic when you feel out of control. When a world chaotic world surrounds you, and you can’t make sense of it that’s when you feel like running. The frustration and fear become so loud that you want to leave reality.

But you know this is not a functional thing to do. Reality is what grounds us to this world. The real world keeps us sane. So how do you keep the peace and hope and stability when all things are wrong?

You have to learn this process. You need to focus on the feelings of peace when times are good. Know that these days will not last forever but realize that you can handle the toughest times.

Practice the feelings of relaxation and smiling when things are good. Know that you can control your chaotic world when all is feeling lost in your life. When I re-read this, it sounds a bit ridiculous. But it is real. What you focus on and practice becomes a way of life for you.

Let me rephrase this. Remember the feelings you have when things are going right. Remember when you drove to work with a half smile on your face and when you felt at peace with who you are inside. Remember this moment because when things are upside down, you will need to focus on these things.

Concentrate on the memories not the fear and worry of today. Keep your mindset to positive thoughts. Look to your inner self and pull the memories of better times of peace out. Put a smile on your face when you go to work. Relax and know that this too will go away just like all the other times in your life.

The world may still brand you, and you will always have torrential rains come down, but you can have that inner peace, hope, and stability you need to make it to the next chapter in your life.

The hand we are dealt in life is not always easy to process. It has taken many years for me to learn. That is why I am sharing it with you. I want you to have these tools to make it long before I accomplished it.

Whether you are young or old, tall or short, skinny or overset, anxious or calm, this is a way for you to have a life of peace in a world of chaos.
I feel compelled to say this. God is your inner peace. And you can pray to him for peace. You will receive peace. But so often we hang onto the old and do not allow his blessings. When you train yourself with the memories of brighter days you are granting The Lord the ability to provide you with what you need.


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