Chaos Of Technology

I am getting older and time seems to go faster. I have heard people say this before. But is time moving more quickly for only the older population? Or is it this way for all people today in the new ever-changing world of technology?

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I wrote this out of a need to peace in chaos. The kind of order that comes with quiet and contentment. There are so many electrical capabilities today that a person can continuously be vibrating from the airwaves and never realize it.

How do I find this peace in a home or workplace that is all electricity and technology? Even as I write this, I am not sure the best way to accomplish finding peace in the chaos. I pray and meditate, and this gives me inner peace.

I could give my computer and phone away never to use it again. Our computers and phones are how we communicate today, so this would be a bad idea. I still want and love interacting with the people around me and the world.

I am getting older I have to change my mindset. I have to look at this problem from a different angle. I am not willing to give up what has become a blessing for me. From the comfort of my home, I can touch the world.

Instead of looking at the situation as needing peace I will see it as a way to release the chaos that surrounds me. As I use my laptop to write this, I know it is a way to release my feelings. My fingers peck away at the keys to lay these internal feelings to the world.  I have control over when I choose to write.

I have to develop control over my piece of the world. My cell phone lights up with the red numbers of messages and notifications. I prefer not to let this take hold of my life. I will decide when I answer these names that pop up. The choices I make give me control over my world.

I am visiting with my friends or husband and my phone rings. I receive messages from work. I can decide how to handle this. Do I answer and interrupt my precious time with loved ones or do I put my phone away? I have had to teach myself to set my phone down. I have made decisions to spend quality time with the ones who are in my immediate reach.

You can make this same choice. Connecting with technology is a habit that you can break. You can have more quality time with your loved ones. The touch and eye contact that comes from real people is incredible to build relationships.

I will continue to pray and meditate to the peace in chaos that I need to survive. But I will also embrace the electrical airwaves. I have control over when and where I use this gift, and I will exercise that right to find the peace from the chaos in my electrical life.

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