Duct Tape My Mouth

Every home should own at least five rolls of duct tape, grey, black, yellow, purple and smiley face. I think my favorite is the yellow smiley faces. I have often thought I could use two rolls of this tape for my big mouth when it opens to speak before my brain engages. I have a terrible tendency to think and talk at the same time.

Yes, I know I have written many pieces on positive thinking and the spoken word. I have written this piece with my dry sense of humor to color it. Even though I follow my advice, I still make blunders. Oh, my goodness yes, I do make plenty of mistakes!!!

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Just like the other night when we went out to eat with friends. A friend of mine, one who I respect and love with all my heart, has been on prednisone. If you are familiar with this medication, you know it causes everything to bump up a notch in your body.

Steroids cause hunger and increased eating, increased emotion and increased talking. So naturally, my friend had an increased desire to express herself. I knew the reason for this, but my mouth spoke anyway. I so kindly mentioned to her how much she was talking. My mouth was so much bigger than my brain.

I have a thousand more examples, but I think you get a picture of what I am saying. I speak before I think and it is hurtful to others. My words to my friend may have sounded kind, but they were not kind words. They were words that will stick with her forever.

Do you understand why I want an easy fix to the words that tumble out of my mouth? Sometimes I feel like all of the work I have done to fix this “no thought mouth process” has not paid off. I don’t want to work on the problem. I want a gadget or duct tape to remind me to keep my mouth shut. Or I want a mute box to tell me when not to speak. I want an easy fix to my problem.

Life is a continual process of growth and change. If any of us stop working on ourselves, we will backslide.

Gadgets and mute boxes are not the answer. The real answer is to find ways to control my mouth by changing and growing. Everything we choose in life will have some form of difficulty. Smoothing everything over with a band-aid may be a quick and easy solution, but it is not the right one.

My big mouth spoke before my brain thought and my friend will always remember those words. I did apologize for what I said, but I can never change what has already come out of my mouth. I can’t take back the hurtful words even when I did not mean them the way I said them.

But I can continue to change who I am and learn new ways. I can become a better person by reflecting on what I have done or how I have hurt another. So for now until I discover more ways to control my, “no thought mouth process” I will pretend I have duct tape on my mouth, so it does not talk before my brain has time to engage.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you do the same sort of thing I have done. All things take time. These are words of wisdom from me to me.


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  1. Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Finding the time and
    actual effort to generate a really good article? but what
    can I say? I put things off a whole lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.


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