Integrity A Moral

I have tried to form my life around the word integrity and the meaning of it. I firmly believe that honesty is to be a way of life. We are to live according to our word. We are always to attempt to do what we say. Goodness and virtue are a dying characteristic of the world today.

A very good example of this is Facebook and Instagram. I have a business page on each of these social media platforms. I make it very clear I am married. I have posted pictures of myself with my husband. I have written blog posts about how incredible my husband is.

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I get men messaging me daily about how they would like to get to know me better. It is not that I am so unique. It is a lack of integrity of the people sending the messages.

These people are trying to get money from unsuspecting females. They woo the lady and lie to them until they get money. Has Facebook become the new dating platform for the world?

Why do people think it is OK to steal from others? Where is it noble for a person to lie to get what he wants. This concept of lying is not new. But it is becoming more prevalent in today’s society.

The sad part is I tell each one of them that I am happily married and do not want a relationship with them. Then the person will say, can they be my friend? I tell them NO, I do not want them as a friend. But they keep coming back with some statement to try to convince me.

One time I told one of them that I lived in the bayou with 12 kids and had no money. He asked me what I do for a living. I said to him I could not work with 12 kids and could he please send me money because my children had no shoes. He then asked again what I do for a living. I mean really? When I tried to do the same thing he was doing it did not faze him.

The lack of integrity is not just in this example it is in the workplace, amongst friends and family.

The word integrity means different things to each person. It has one definition, but many choose one aspect of the meaning to apply to their life. And some people decide not to use it in their lives at all.

I know many people have real integrity. I am talking about the person who believes that dependability is an option. The person who doesn’t think they need to show up to work on time and every day.

I am talking about the person who possesses noble qualities but squanders them sitting in their favorite comfortable chair instead of helping others.

I am talking about the people who don’t believe their character precedes them. Your style is your ethical trait that marks who you are. It says how you will treat others and how your work ethic is.

And those who think that goodness and value are a virtue only talked about in the old testament and not required today.

There is no way you and I can convince others to have integrity. But I am here to encourage you to hang onto yours. Don’t let the actions of other less honorable people affect the way you carry yourself.

It is vital for you to realize that you stand above those who treat others poorly or with lack of decency. When you are kind to others such as children, elders, and animals you are exhibiting more integrity in one moment than an immoral person does in their whole life.

If you are a person, who lives by just one of the values of integrity you are way ahead of the people who do not. And if you encounter a person who has no morals, please do not allow them to put you down.

When this person puts you down, they are feeling inferior and are wanting you to look bad instead of them. So, stand up for yourself in kindness and decency. Be an example to the world. Don’t compromise your integrity just because someone else feels terrible watching you stand morally strong.



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