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You built this beautiful boat. You take it out into the deep ocean to see what lies ahead of you. The sights are majestic. It takes your breath away. You just sit there and take in the scenery. You are floating along when you realize you are off the course. Your compass is not working.

Will you panic or stay calm and set a plan into action? As you begin to formulate a plan, you look ahead. In the distance, there is an opening in the rocks. It is a bit exciting but also quite scary. Where does that opening lead to? What is past what your mind can see?

Life is like this. You begin slow and know exactly where you will be going. You choose a career and begin to pursue it. Then you realize there are things up ahead that you can not see. Events happen that take you off course. Will you panic or formulate a plan?

The most important part to remember is to focus on what you want in life. No matter what happens or what appears different keep your mind set on what you want. Don’t let a broken compass or changes in life deter you from your path.

But there are times in life when you have to follow a different path. Challenging events will happen. Continue to keep your eye on the original path. Your life will lead you back to where you started.

I started life wanting to be a nurse. Things happened that did not allow me to follow that path. But I kept my eye on the original plan. I had children and a job when I was led back to the start. When I was 30, I became a registered nurse.

You too can do this. Whatever it is you want in life, picture it, focus on it and set your sights up ahead to reach your goal. No matter how scary it may allow the excitement carry you through.

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