Judgment Of A Slimy Earthworm

I have written many poems and prose about judgment. Many times the people of this earth have shown a prejudice against groups and individuals. I like to think I don’t judge others. But the truth is that every one of us has an opinion for others in some form or another.

Take this worm for instance. Worms can be used to make high-quality organic fertilizer. Earthworms make the soil extremely fertile. They burrow holes into the soil as they move causing aeration of the ground. Their bodies return vital nutrients to the earth from what they eat.

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Earthworms are productive and essential to the earth and our ecosystem.

But when I look at an earthworm all I see is a slimy worm. Not a creature who can richly contribute to the delicate system of our earth. I get chills when I think about holding one. They move in my hand and get it all slippery. So, I say “yuck” and judge the worm by its body rather than see it for its incredible value.

Humans tend to judge others in this same way. You see the outside of the person and never know what is in their heart or what their real intention is.

The homeless are among some of our society who we judge. Let’s take a look at this for a moment. For the sake of making my point about judgment let’s say every homeless person is an alcoholic or have psychiatric issues. I know this is not true but just look at it this way for a moment.

The choices a homeless person makes does not directly affect you. How does it harm you if you do give them money and they buy alcohol? Some will say it is a big issue. I tend to say it is not.

Every time you see one on the corner or sleeping on the sidewalk you think in this manner. You have automatically judged this group of people based on false accusations. You refuse to give your money to them because you know they can work just like you do.

But in reality, maybe they can’t work. You may have problems that are not seen by others while they have issues that are visible to the world.

Every person on this earth can be productive and vital to society. They need a chance to figure out how they will accomplish this.

If we continue to judge others like we do the homeless in this situation we are not extending our love and kindness to them. Without someone reaching out to touch them they may never see the changes they need to make in their lives.

On the other hand, let’s say not every homeless person is an alcoholic or has psychiatric issues. Some have merely fallen on bad times and believe their living arrangements are temporary. They know that one day they will be able to pull themselves out of the situation and improve.

You looked at them as an alcoholic and did not give them help when your heart said to do so. You and the homeless person both missed the opportunity for a blessing.

Judging others is the same with all races, groups, and individuals. You believe what you have been told rather than acting from your heart in kindness and love. If you change that action with just one person and that person does the same with another, we could collectively change the world one person at a time.

These small actions performed daily will have a ripple effect on the people around you. It will change your heart and the actions of others.

You will begin to see others in a different light. You will start to see love and kindness shine in the eyes of another. You will see the path you have burrowed into the earth. You will be able to give back nutrition to the ones in need. Earthworms do this with every moment of their short life.

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