Opportunity Ran Away

Will you know when your opportunity knocks? Or will you be too busy to take a chance and allow an opportunity to walk away?

You may be sitting here asking what does she mean by opportunity? Let’s take a look at precisely what opportunity is by definition.

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The dictionary defines opportunity as a favorable juncture of circumstances. It is a time in your life when everything is in line to provide you with a moment that can change you forever.

I am not sure there is one real way to know when all circumstances are lined up for that moment. Look closely at a situation that feels right then act on it; you may find that moment.

Harry is 18 years old now, but he graduated high school at 16 years old. He was in college for premed. Harry played way too much in college and lost his scholarship. Now that sucks for Harry.

He didn’t try to correct his mistake and keeping his mind open for a way to make things better. Instead, Harry became a recluse and dove into video games. Games were his life in the basement of mom and dad’s house.

Harry was a genius. He was well known for his research in Nanotechnology at a very young age. One day a man came to talk to Harry about a new scholarship at a private institution for research. Harry wouldn’t speak to him because he was not finished playing and leading a life of leisure with his games. Harry may have also been a bit embarrassed about his previous actions.

Harry blatantly missed his opportunity. Is opportunity a once in a lifetime? Do you think it will keep coming until he is ready to step forward? How many chances will he be given to step through the door that leads to his break in life?

I am not sure there is an answer to this question. But are you willing to sit around until it is too late to find out the solution? I know that the opportunities I have missed were presented to me again. But I kept my mind open to the possibilities.

Another way to miss an opportunity is procrastination. Fear of moving forward can cause you to hesitate when an opportunity steps in front of you. You can wait so long that the door closes.

Chance is not a random thing that falls into your lap. No, a chance is an opportunity that happens because God has a plan for your life.

Just as it is written in:

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Let’s look at this a different way. You thought you were making the right decisions and found the door to opportunity. But you got married to the wrong person in your life. This marriage was not an opportunity for happiness. Did the door then close and you are never going to find happiness.

I do not believe so. I believe the opportunity will come again. You did what you felt was right. God is not going to punish you and no longer take care of you.

But don’t sit feeling sorry for yourself because of a mistake. Pick yourself up and watch for the next moment that can change your life. That door may have closed, but another will open. God is faithful to fulfill his word.

Do the very best you can. Weigh the situation carefully, so you don’t make this same mistake again. But if you do make a mistake two times will the door close forever. No, I do not believe so. But if you ignore the door, then it may close forever and ever.

Have you missed an opportunity? Do you need to pick yourself up and brush off the disappointment? Another door will open. Be brave. Be courageous. Keep your mind open to possibilities. Keep moving forward.

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