I know you have desires and dreams.  You may be in a job or lifestyle that is not what you have dreamed of for yourself. Reach down deep into your inner being. When you get to that inner core, in your heart ask yourself what is it that passion that will define you.

Your passion, your destiny

Passion is the deep core feelings that direct you to do what you are meant to do. But what is that? How often do you ask yourself what is my destiny? What am I suppose to be doing with my life?

Passion is an emotion that you can barely control. And your destiny is events that will happen to you in the future.

With this in mind do you have a strong emotion and desire to do something with your life? And is this passion something that you can make a reality for your future?

Your Dream

Desire, destiny, and passion are a lot to process. But let’s go along with this thought. You work at your job that makes money to put food on the table. But your heart has an emotion that is so strong it is immovable.

All you can think about is the dream you have for our life. Think hard what this might be.

Maybe you had a dream when you were younger, but the vines of life drowned it out. Can you remember back when you were younger and what that passion was?

It can be something like to be an artist or a singer. But it can also be something like to be a contractor or start your catering service. As life got busy and you had a family you forgot what you dream was.

But now I am asking you to dig deep within your self and find that dream. I want to help you make it happen. I want you to have an intense emotion or a compelling enthusiasm that produces the excitement to make you want to jump out of bed each morning.

A passion that will define you

Some time ago I was sitting on my deck with a friend. We were talking about different ways that she could successfully earn money from home. At the time of our conversation, she was cleaning houses as a way to put food on the table. And I remember she didn’t mind cleaning houses but she wanted to do something else.

She had a dream but did not believe in herself to make this dream a reality. So I asked her what her passion was. She looked at me with a blank stare but did not answer.

My eyes were opened up to the fact that most people do not know what their passion is, but they may know what they love to do. Passion a deep emotion and love are close to the same.

So when I rephrased the question, “What do you love to do” She perked right up and said “I love to cook. ” She went onto tell me she makes the best egg rolls in the country. Everyone begs her to make these egg rolls for all of their events, and they want to pay her money to make them.  I wonder why isn’t she making her egg rolls if this is what she loves to do? Cooking is her passion.

Passion is doing what you love. It is doing what you have always dreamed of doing.

Frequently while I am driving home from work, I will talk to my son on my Bluetooth. He is a paramedic and does construction work on the side. He told me he had applied to nursing school. My first question was,  why does he want to be a nurse. His response back was “so I can have a steady, reliable job.”

To be a nurse is a great profession. I am a nurse. But it is not for my son if it is just a way to make money.

I asked him, “Is nursing what you have always dreamed of doing?” “Is it the desire of your heart?”

His answer confused me. He said, “no my heart desires to build houses, and I could hear the excitement in his voice as he continued to tell me about his passion.

So I asked him why you would he want to go to school to do something that is not a passion? Why wasn’t he building houses?  He didn’t have an answer for this.

Is your dream in limbo?

Do you feel this way? Do you feel like your dream is in limbo while you peruse another career? I know that sometimes our dreams won’t pay the bills, so you have to work a job. But you are the creator of your dream. If you want it bad enough, you will work to see your dream come to reality.

When you figure out what your passion, dream, desire, and destiny are it is up to you to see it through. No one is going to walk up to you and say, “today I want to grant you three wishes.” If you want it, you have to go after it.

Look at some of the names of people who didn’t sit still and watch their dream float by on a log in the water.

Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luthar King, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos. Where would we be today without all of these people who had a dream and made it happen?

Only you can make it happen

Your dream is your passion deep inside of you.  It is up to you to reach down to your inner core to find your heart’s desire. I know it’s there. I know you can see that unstoppable emotion that will give you the excitement to keep pushing you forward. When you search for it, you will find that part of you that will define who you are, move you forward and make a mark in this world.



  1. Thanks for the thoughtful post. This is a must read, especially for a young person just starting out. Our thoughts have a powerful impact on our lives. If you truly enjoy what you are doing for a livelihood it is like being retired. If you don’t enjoy your job it is a drudge.

    Donald Trump said “God gave us the ability to think, so why not think positive.” For one to reach their dreams this is vitally important.

    I appreciate your thoughts.


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