Tangled Vine Of Sweet Thorns

I wrote this poem and place it to this photo but it is so hard to read that I also placed it to another that is also posted here on this page.poem by laurs tangles vine of honeysuckle sweet

One thing we do not know is how our life will go. There are going to be ups and downs. Some people experience more hardships than others, but it is inevitable that we will face troubled times.

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We start life with an optimistic view. We are babes born into a new world. Some babies are born into a life of difficult times, and some feel loved from the day of conception. We grow up and have different beliefs about how our life will turn out.

Is Life a rainbow all the time?

Are you a person who graduated from high school and believed there was a rainbow waiting for you? All you had to do was break away from the nest and make your way in this world. The world of magic was waiting to make everything perfect for you.

Possibly your parents tried to teach you that life is not all sparkle and glamour, but you just knew that when you got out on your own, it would all be different.

You saved your pennies and away you went to an apartment with your best friend. Everything went smoothly for a little while then the clouds dropped on you. It poured for a year while your ship took on water and was about to sink. The money you saved was not nearly enough to pay for play and your bills.

Torrential Rains

It rained continuously, and your troubles came to stay. As it poured your ship began to fill with water. It was half full of water before you accepted that life is not all sweet like the honeysuckle vine.

You realized after many trials and tribulations that some moments have thorns. Some thorns are long and prickly.  Like the thorns that grow on a stalk that populates on an old climbing rose vine.

The downpour keeps coming, and the thorns kept growing. You tried to climb your way out, but every time you grabbed the stalk you had to let it go. It caused sores and bleeding on your hands. You are in a tough situation with no way out.

One morning you woke up feeling discouraged only to realize that the solution to your problem was hiding behind the sweet honeysuckle vine.

For me the solution was prayer. I would get so deep into the problem that I would forget to ask the Lord for help.

When you rely on only yourself to get you to freedom, you will not grow, heal or succeed. So, you keep trying and scheming of ways to get out from behind the prickly rose bush to the freedom of that sweet smelling honeysuckle vine.

Tangled Vine of Sweet Thornssame poem tangled vine of honeysuckle sweet on purple background

Time passes, and you are dealing with a tangled vine of sweet thorns. You now peak out of the gully and realize the thorns are no longer in your way. What you see is the honeysuckle vine, the sun shining, and a new song on the breeze. What you feel is a hand of someone who cares reaching down to pull you out.

I used this analogy to help you see that life is hard. You will have torrential rains and days of sunshine. The outcome of the situation all depends on how you choose to handle it or how you choose to look at it.

Will you hide away in the gully of your ship and allow it to sink or will you find a solution?

Will you drown or take a hand

As your ship filled with water, you thought you could take care of the problems alone. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself or rely on someone else to take care of you. You that when you moved into your apartment, everyone would be watching to see if you could make it in the real world.

So, instead of asking for help you decided you were an island and did not need help from anyone or any God. It is like the three-year-old who says “Mommy, I do it meself.”

You do not have to stand alone

You are a strong person. You have incredible talents. You have great intelligence. The creator gave you these gifts. But nowhere does he say “stand alone and rely on only you to make it in this world.”

I know from experience that if you look to yourself for the answer, you will only fall deeper into the water. But if you turn to your salvation a higher power, a friend or family, you will find a hand waiting for you.

Therefore, it is He who will teach you and guide you to make it through the tough times. If you are at a place in your life where you are not ready to accept a higher power, then it is time to allow another person to help you.

When life improves, then you will see that God didn’t cause your problems, but life is just that way.

I am not here to preach to you about salvation, although I do believe all need to be saved. I am here to tell you that if you rely on only yourself to make it through life, you will fail.

Friends, family, co-workers, your higher power and so much more will affect the outcome of your situation. Lean on them for support.

So you say to me I don’t have a supportive family or friends. I say to you “hogwash.” You may not have a supportive family, but you had friends until you decided you didn’t need anyone to lean on. You can prove to the world how strong you are all by yourself. You are the one who pushed everyone away.

Do not try to live life alone. Use what you are given to solve the inevitable problems. Life will always try to sink you, but your ship can stay afloat if you use all of your resources to tackle it. If you want to see the sun and have a song in your heart that you can sing with the breezes again, you will need to rely on someone and something outside of you to pull you out of the tangled vine of sweet thorns.

Ask for and accept help

Let me ask you, Why are there billions of people on this planet and why are there people close to you every day? Are they there to annoy you. NO, God placed all of us here to lift each other. And he put all of us here to help one another with whatever we all need.

Go out there and ask for help and accept it when you are in need. Don’t find yourself amid troubles trying to claw your way out from behind a bed of thorns. Instead, take a deep breath and smell the honeysuckle vine so sweet. Take the fresh air and use what God has put before you to make it through the trials and tribulations of life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my inspiration and personal growth. Please take a moment to share with me difficult times you have come through and what it took to get you through it. I would love to hear your story.

Please leave your comments in the comment section below, and I will be back with you shortly.

4 thoughts on “Tangled Vine Of Sweet Thorns”

  1. It’s a beautiful interpretation of life. Thanks for giving some encouragement about how we should perceive the hard part in my life. I agree that sometimes we just need to ask for help from people around us. However, often times I found out that te help I received is not genuine. How can we identify who are willing to help us in our problem?

    • You have asked an excellent question. Finding genuine help is tough. And it is hard to trust others when you have been let down. And it is also essential to learn to trust, so you are stuck in a difficult place. 

      Your question has sparked a bit of thought for me. How can you tell? My suggestion is to ask someone you know well. Such as family or longtime friends. If you don’t have anyone like this available, then do be careful. 

      At the same time don’t expect that everyone will let you down. If you have been hurt in the past or let down, it is natural to think everyone will do the same. But there are good people in this world that you can ask to help you. 

  2. Hello Laura. That’s a nice poem. And you’re really an inspiring person. It’s obvious that you pour energy into every word you write. I’m glad I have found your site. And will stop by quite often.

    Facing hardships in life is inevitable. But what takes place in our brain while we’re going through hardship is key. We should really focus on not letting hardship affect us in a negative way.

    • Thank you, Henry. I do feel every word I write. And thank you for coming again. I hope to inspire you another time. It is always easier to write what needs to be done than to actually do it in a tough situation.


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