Tangled Vine Of Sweet Thorns


Most of us start life with an optimistic view. Did you believe there was a rainbow waiting for you when you got out of school? All you had to do was break away from the nest and make your way in this world.

Even though your parents may have tried to teach you that life is not all sparkle and glamour you still felt yours would be different.
You saved the money and away you went to your apartment with your best friend.

Things went smoothly for a little while then the clouds dropped on you. It poured for a year while your ship took on water and was about to sink.

Your ship was halfway under water before you accepted that life is not all sweet like the honeysuckle vine. You realized that some moments have thorns. Some thorns are humongous like they are when they grow on a climbing rose vine. When you tried to climb out of the downpour you were in, the thorns just kept pricking your skin. You were stuck in a rough situation with no way out.

One morning you woke up feeling despondent only to realize that the solution to your problem was hiding behind the sweet honeysuckle vine.

For me the solution was prayer. I would get so deep into the problem that I would forget to ask the Lord for help.

When you found what you were looking for you used its strength to erase the thorns from the rose vine. You were able to peak out behind the honeysuckle vine and see the sun shining, and a new song came on the breeze.

This analogy is the way life is. You will have good days or years and rough ones. The outcome of the situation all depends on how you choose to handle it.

Will you hide away in the gully of your ship and allow it to sink or will you find a solution? I know from experience that if you look to yourself for the answer, you will only fall deeper into the water. But if you turn to your salvation from the Lord, he will pull you out.

You are a strong person. You have incredible talents. You have great intelligence. But you are made this way by your creator. Therefore, it is He who will teach you and guide you to make it through the tough times.

I am not here to preach to you about salvation, although I do believe all need to be saved. I am here to tell you that if you rely on only yourself to make it through life, you will fail.

Friends, family, co-workers, your higher power and so much more will affect the outcome of your situation. If you want to see the sun and have a song in your heart that you can sing with the breezes again you will need to rely on someone and something outside of you.

Do not try to live life alone. Use what you have been given to solve the problems that are inevitable. Life will always try to sink you, but your ship can stay afloat if you use all of your resources to tackle it.

Please take a moment to share with me difficult times you have come through and what it took to get you through it. I would love to hear your story.


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