My Life, My Choice-A True Statement

I often talk about how we all have a choice. Some people have more difficult decisions to make in life, and they work with fewer options. But we all have a choice how we will act, react and live our lives.abstract butterfly with poem about choices

This poem came about when I met a man who would always say “I have so much rage and hatred inside of me” and he would tell me it was because of what his parents did to him when he was young. He was young 60 years ago. That is a lot of years to hang onto rage and anger. And he chose to hold it tight to his heart.

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My life, my choice

I am sure you have heard people say it’s my life, my choice and this is undoubtedly a true statement. You can do whatever you want with your life, and you can make the decisions you choose. But does that mean it is right for you and will help you lead a happy life? NO, it does not!

There are many people like the guy that I met and talked about in the paragraph above. You know the one who always talks about his upbringing of 60 years ago. He has every right to hang onto the memories, anger, and rage that was caused by his poor upbringing. After all, he has done this and has lived a long life.

What kind of life do you think he has had? I don’t know for sure, but I believe that anyone who chooses to hang onto negative and bitter thoughts will be unhappy. They may have good moments but most of their years will be a nagging ache in their soul.

On the flip side, I know people who have been in similar horrible upbringings and have chosen to work through it and move forward in life. These people had to work very hard to overcome and to learn new positive coping skills. And they could say the same thing, my life, my choice. But they made a very different decision to improve. Do you think they are happy all the time? No, probably not but their life has more ups than downs.

You Have a choice!

In both of these types of situations, people choose how they want to feel. You can make a choice also. Will, you choose to lift yourself up and be lifted up with positive thoughts and actions?

I am sure you have heard the quote by William Shakespeare, “The Eyes are the window to your soul.”

Your eyes see what is before you. Your inner self the core of your heart picks up what the eyes see. And your mind acts and reacts on how your soul interprets it. Ultimately what you allow your eyes and mind to think and understand is what will affect your soul.

Let me explain this further;

When you are hurt, it makes you angry. As the anger grows you can only see negative through your eyes and this negative begins to permeate your soul. In your mind, you become more enraged which causes more harm to yourself. You then believe you are justified in your rage because you are hurting inside.

Or your other choice may be, you are hurt and angry. You know to hold a grudge harbors negative thoughts. You also know that to surround yourself with negativity will produce more anger and pain. You have every right to be angry or in shock after what has happened to you. But you choose to see the good in life. You decide to forgive and find gratitude all around you.

As you forgive your eyes see a brighter day and more positive surroundings. The positive permeates your soul, and your thoughts take on a new level of awareness for what is right in your life. Your healing process has begun.

Which choice is easier?a happy man and a angry man

Which one of these two choices do you think is easier in the beginning. Yes, the anger and negative thought process is much more comfortable. It will get more attention. It will help you justify your actions, and you will feel more vindicated.

But wait a minute, which one of these two choices, negative or positive, is a better choice for you in the long run or the end. The positive. It takes more work to look for good when you are in pain. It is an effort to turn your grudgeful heart into a forgiving soul. No one feels sorry for you because you appear at peace.

Someone hurt you, and you can’t get back at them if you choose the positive reflection of your eyes on your soul. If you let go of the pain, no one will pay for the horrible things that have happened to you. But to make another pay for the actions they took against you makes you just like them.

When you forgive you are doing it so you can move forward. When you forgive you are not telling the other person that what they did was OK. It was not okay for someone to destroy your life, but they chose to do this. And if you decide to get revenge, you are killing yourself as much if not more than they have already done.

Your rage and anger will begin to seep into every crack of your life until you become just like the person who hurt you.

How do you make a positive choice?

Now, this is a million dollar question because there is no iron clad way to accomplish this task. It is a life long endeavor to for you to grow and learn. It is a continuous and repeated process of revisiting the reason you want to forgive.

Right about now you may be thinking “don’t tell me what to do, my life my choice” and this is a true statement.  To change your life into a positive one is hard work but I know you can do it because I am living proof.

Let me give you a few tips to help you with life-changing choices.

1. Pray
You can not accomplish forgiveness and an option to be happy without the help of someone much stronger than you.

2. Write it down
Keep a list of why your choice will benefit you. It softens your heart, heals your soul, sets you free and allows you to move on. It is for you and not for the other person.

3. Wash your mind
Continually keep your mind on thoughts of positive words, quotes, and sayings. Negative is so easy to do but to stay positive; you have to work at it every day until it reaches your soul and changes you thought process.

4. Let it go
Let go of your right to hurt another for your pain. Someone harmed you, but if you hang onto it, they will continue to cause you suffering from the memories.

Only you can make the choice.

You can make choices at every turn and in every avenue in your life. When you say my life, my choices I urge you to take the higher road and decide to be an overcomer. Be positive!

Will you choose to put on a smile, see the good in life to reach your soul and change your thoughts? The choice is yours, and only you can make it happen. Only you can choose peace that will overcome the raging violent storms.

Only you can heal and grow from horrible situations you have experienced. No one can do it for you, and no one can force you to do it. It is a choice!

10 thoughts on “My Life, My Choice-A True Statement”

  1. Whao; This is breathtaking!!

    there is a quote which says life never seems to be the way we want it but we live it the best way we can. Many people go astray because of choice infact most people listen to outsiders and fail easily to harken to there life and stick to what there heart is telling them.

    Life is a difficult exam; we live in it by not copying others.

    • Thank you so much. As is your comment. It is a beautiful response and I do appreciate it. Oh, but when we pass the exam it is a beauty to behold. 

  2. Hello,what you have here is a wonderful article full of great insights and lessons, We all get hit my life in different ways, do we stay down when we get it? hell no we get up dust off our feet and get going again, life is indeed a choice, all of our action or inaction our choices that affect our lives.As humans with intellect and a mind, we must take charge of our own destinies my making this little decisions and choices of a lifetime.Putting away negative emotions and energy is required for self-growth and development it does more harm than good to us it must be far away like a killer.

    • Oh yes, my friend, life can knock us down, and we do have to get back up. So many choose to stay down, but you have the right idea. I am glad to hear you agree with what I am saying and you have a good grasp on the positive side of life. I know you have been through hard times, but I also see you are a survivor. 

  3. Really nice article as to making choices, I know for sure I have made a few bad ones that only haunted me for years around wish I could take things back but I cant, i really love the poem  very powerful with little words thanks for sharing job well done

    • thank you so much, Jermy. Remember the choices you have made are in the past. It is so important to forgive yourself and learn from them so you can move on. I am so happy you enjoyed the poem. 

  4. This article which is about choices in life is an important one that all the people have to read. Nowadays there are so many who are really scared to make some wise and brave choices in their life and it causes them trouble later. This post proves the importance of choices we make in our lives.

    The poem was a motivational one for me personally. I really like reading it. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • It warms my heart that you enjoyed the poem. Yes, we have to make choices, and the good ones are not always the easiest ones to make. Thank you for stopping by to read my article. I do appreciate you. 

  5. I must say you touched most aspect of life with this article because in life it’s either you’re bringing a positive vibe or a negative vibe, it doesn’t get past that. Everyone has the choice to make for his or her life and the choices we make is what we live with for the rest of our lives. having to make positive choices has helped me forgive, loved where it’s seems very difficult. Living to make positive choices is also a choice to make.

    • It sounds like you have had some good experience and some trying times in life. But you understand how important it is to keep your mind positive and how important good choices are. You have a long life ahead of you. You have convinced me you will do well. 


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