Push Yourself Quotes To Inspire Greatness By Laura Fuller

Quotes are thoughts spoken by another person. Usually a famous person, but if the quote inspires greatness in you, anyone can speak it. These words by Laura Fuller are push yourself quotes to promote success.

Motivate and inspire your life with words that will push you to success and greatness.

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Often we need that small push in the morning that will give us the will to move forward. Or a push comes in handy when we feel we have failed. I am sure Oprah Winfrey and Walt Disney both had to push themselves when times were tough. So, why not use these words to promote a healthy push in the right direction.

Push Yourself Quotes

“Life can get in your way and slow you down. You have to go around life to move forward or you will stay stuck in a rut forever.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes STANDARDS

“When someone says you haven’t met their standards it is time to look them in the eye and say, “you haven’t caught with mine because I am galaxies ahead of your mind.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes bridge

“If there is no bridge from here to there build one before you leap lest you fall.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes accept

“Learn to accept constructive criticism gracefully or you will be stuck in the same rut forever.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes time frame

“Never put a time frame on money and never let numbers drive your emotions.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes fire

“There is fire under your feet. If you stand still the fire will consume you. If you work hard the fire will  propel you.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes circle

“Life is a circle of dreams. Don’t chase your dream around the circle, reach in, grab it and make it happen.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes heart

“You are the heart of your work. You are the soul that touches the world with your words. Nothing else, no one else, YOU.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes dream

“You can dream of fairytales but to make them a reality you have to think like an entrepreneur.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes live passion

“If you want to live your passion you have to eat breath it in every moment of every hour of every day.”

Laura Fuller
Push Yourself Quotes open mind

“Open your mind to knowledge and the world will open to you.”

Laura Fuller
study to be smart

“You can study to be smart but if you listen you will be wise.”

Laura Fuller
force unleased

“A driving force unleashed will launch you into a new dimension.”

Laura Fuller
desire passion

“Desire is passion that rocks your soul.”

Laura Fuller
focus single cause

“Focus on a single cause to move the world.”

Laura Fuller
self love success

“Self-discipline is self-love on the road to success.”

Laura Fuller
fall, fail get up

“If you fall get back up, if you fall get back up, one day your legs will be strong enough to catch you before you fail. This is success!”

Laura Fuller
selfless help

“Success is measured in how you can selfless help others.”

Laura Fuller
attitude of success

“Success is determination, perseverance, and persistence all wrapped up in the right attitude. An attitude that is directed toward helping others achieve their success.”

Laura Fuller
number of times

“The number of times you fail before you get it right is not a magic number. The magic lies in how many times will you let go of failure to move forward.”

Laura Fuller
push yourself quotes pin

Why wait for someone to come along and motivate you. Take these push yourself quotes to heart, use them to move you to success. Greatness doesn’t just happen. You make it happen with a small push and another push and another push. Until one day, you have taken so many push moments that you are a success.

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