12 Self-Growth Poems For A Better You By Laura Fuller

To evolving and mature as we live life it is necessary to see who we are and how we affect situations. It is not an easy task so to help with self-growth here are poems by Laura Fuller that will trigger self-examination and improvement.

Have you found yourself in a situation and just knew it was the other person causing the problems? Maybe later when you looked at it again you realized that you too had a part to play in the misunderstanding. This is self-growth. When you saw your part you then wanted to change so you wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

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So began your life-long journey of self-improvement. May you find words within these poems that will guide you to better yourself and your life.

Self-Growth Poems By Laura Fuller

an arrogant guy Self-Growth by Laura Fuller

A Humble Heart

By Laura Fuller

Sometimes in life, we are humble, yet we get arrogant and let a nasty monster steal our humility. These words are a reminder of what it is to be humble and how quickly our world can change. Self-growth comes from seeing the need for change and finding the balance.

A Humble Heart

What is this action?

that sits in wait?

It rears it’s head

and flashes it’s teeth.

I know that word

I need to think

I recognize the urge

of arrogance in wait.

But a humble heart

can it stand?

will it stumble?

will it fall?

A heart that swells

brings down lives

rubbish all around.

So much sadness

and sorrow to bear

Where oh where

has humility gone?

Eaten by the monster

that sits in wait.


Riddles Of Lies

By Laura Fuller

When we talk in circles or don’t give straight answers to questions, we are evading the answer or lying. It is best, to tell the truth in kindness. But if you notice yourself doing this, it may be time to reflect on the situation and invest in some self-growth.

Riddles Of Lies

Riddles are used

to provide an answer

to evade a question

when spoken aloud.

My breath wasted no

on riddles of lies

to questions I speak.

A thought my friend:

Questions asked

demand answers

straightforward and honest

make me happy Self-Growth by Laura Fuller

Make Me Happy

By Laura Fuller

make me happy-

No one can make another person happy. No one can change another. We cannot expect someone to be the route of our happiness. How we view life, and our thoughts are what make us happy. If you have had a hard life, you can still rewire your mind to positive thoughts and happiness. Please think about this for a moment and see if some self-growth is in your future.

Make Me Happy

Make me happy

make me laugh.

Build me up

be my all.

What? Why?

Cause I don’t want

to be responsible

for me!


Too Much Stuff

By Laura Fuller

Are you a collector of stuff? Do you just keep adding more stuff to your home, but your life still feels empty? Stuff cannot take the place of love and kindness, even though at times we feel like it can.

Too Much Stuff

The room is stuffed

my life is stuffed

the world is stuffed

with stuff.

Why stuff?

Why Me?

Stuff is warm

cozy and cuddly.

Stuff is happy

love and wanting

stuff talks

and holds me.


Stuff can’t move

can’t talk

can’t love!

Help I have too much stuff!

guide Self-Growth by Laura Fuller

A Guide To Me

By Laura Fuller

Everything we go through in life has significance, the good and the bad. Memories are made of these moments. Throughout life, we will remember what has happened. When it is bad, or we have made a mistake, we keep kicking ourselves. It is a part of life to take every moment and memory to learn and push ourselves toward self-growth.

A Guide To Me

Can you see it?

My friend?

What I see

deep down in my soul

I pull it on up

Knowing not what lies


Maybe it’s dark

or sparkling bright

maybe pain

or delight

or a child

from years gone by

or a thing I said

from yesteryears

no matter what I see

self-reflection is a guide

to a better me.


Stuck In A Bottle

By Laura Fuller

I originally wrote this poem after I had a blood clot in my lungs. This is what it felt like not to breathe well. But what about life? At times things may be so overwhelming that it feels like the air is being sucked right out of you. No matter how much life is sucking the air out of you, don’t give in to fear. Keep moving forward, learn, improve, and times will get better.

Stuck In A Bottle

Oh, God

What is this I feel?

Squeezed in a bottle

lungs open freely

air rushes in

stand, walk.

But I gotta get out

I push up

can’t move

can’t expand

in a bottleneck

Oh, God

I’m stuck

Can’t breathe

Oh, My what if?

what if?

Self-Growth by Laura Fuller lost happy

Lost Happy

By Laura Fuller

Have you ever been so wrapped up in life that you missed parts of it? I’m sure you have. Between work and family, you can forget to take care of yourself. Then one day, you realize you are no longer happy. Always keep in touch with who you are and how you feel.

Lost Happy

What? Of course I’m happy!

I don’t smile

cause I’m to busy

I don’t laugh

cause I’m too tired

I don’t play

cause I’m too old.

While I was busy

I got too tired

While I was frowning

I got too old

With my eyes closed

happiness snuck away

I’m afraid

I’ve lost my happy.

brick wall

Brick Wall

By Laura Fuller

When you run up against a brick wall that you have tried to get over, under, and through, never give up. There is a solution when you have peace, patients and keep moving forward.

Brick Wall

I pushed on

the day was long

constitution strong

a blink of my eye

I hit the wall

of brick so thick and tall

I climbed

I crawled for oh so long

then just the other side

the missing piece

no eye could see

I looked high

I searched low

back I went

out of the slime

to the other side

I chipped away

at the brick wall so tall

with mine heart

the answer I see

In the center of




Self-Growth by Laura Fuller limbo


By Laura Fuller

I wrote this poem many years ago. Then life got in the way of my passions and desires—the kind of things like work, a career, and family. After a while, you start forgetting about what your passion was. It is a blessing when one day you are reminded through self-examination and self-growth and find yourself again.


My Mind was boggled, torn and twisted

With worries of what to do?

My life was in limbo

suspended in space

with thoughts of starting over

Do I stop, do I quit, do I start again?

Then I woke one sunny morn

chasing a dream

put in my head

by ones unknown

my dream, my vision

was not my own

I cleansed my mind

of suspended thoughts

smoothed my torn and twisted brain

my dream buried deep within

I dug it up and washed it off

for my mind and soul to align

with the dream

a vision of my heart

I’m to write, inspire and build you up

the love and passion

of my dream



By Laura Fuller

Has life knocked on your door and instead of letting it in and grasping the opportunity, you walked away. Keep your eyes and heart open for when opportunity knocks again. It is a time of self-growth and maturity when you realize life is not all play. It takes work to move forward.


Opportunity walked my way

but I wanted to go out to play

I need some money

my day is sunny

I can’t pay my bills

I’m hungry still

Opportunity ran away

where are you today

just get over it.

Just Get Over It

By Laura Fuller

How many times have you heard “just get over it.” If you did let it go, would you have missed a moment of self-growth? Eventually, you can let go of whatever the issue was, but first, you have to grow and work through the problem.

Just Get Over It

Just get on

move on past

get over it

“they all say”

feelings not

emotions play

just get on

If I could

giddy up

move along

I can’t

stay here

nor linger

I can’t

be sad

nor mad

just get on

if I would

“they say”

time lights

Kiss Of Light In Time

By Laura Fuller

Can you change time, hold onto time, slow it down, or make it go faster? No, you can’t. You can, however, accept time, good or bad, and use it to heal and promote self-growth. This type of self-growth comes from self-reflection. Looking at the past and changing parts of yourself may improve who you are.

Kiss Of Light In Time

What is time?

Will it be mine?

Can I control it?

A kiss of time?

Can I hold it tight?

Where is time?

Will it be fine?

How will I know?

A kiss in time.

The mind does flow.

What is self-growth? Self-growth is moving forward. Self-growth is reflecting on your past and your future. Self-growth is learning from mistakes. Self-growth is healing and becoming a better person. Self-growth is loving who you are. Self-growth is maturity. Self-growth is the ultimate in self-care.
Do you see where I’m going with this? Self-growth is everything that improves your life.

There is a lesson to be learned from each one of these poems. A moment of self-reflection and self-examination that will lead you to self-growth. Take a moment to see each part of your life that you can change and improve you. Because when you improve yourself you also improve the world around you.

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